Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving this ingenious Pacapod

Once upon a time, there was a very hip mum to be / designer of outdoor clothing, who was cycling around New Zealand and Australia, (as you do), when suddenly she had a brain wave. When she had completed her travels overseas, she set out to adapt what had started as a converted cycle pannier bag, ensuring everything was super easy to find, into an amazing concept and eventually a very successful business was born. This very clever and organised Mumpreneur had ultimately created the Pacapod - an extremely unique range of baby change bags cleverly designed for the super organised and hip mum.   

The reason why this is such a unique bag is its 3-in-1 organising system. Essentially what this equates to is that inside each bag are smaller 'pods' that can be removed and used when your little one requires perhaps a change, or a feed, or even some toys. They  fit nicely inside the bigger bag, so you can either take the whole bag out and about with you, or simply just pop one of the 'pods' in your pram (underneath or use the strap to attach to the pram handle), or in the car, and away you go. Oh, and think about plane trips - just grab the pod that you require and head off to those little cubicles - no fuss. Love it! No more pulling everything out of your bag to find that pesky little dummy, or those baby wipes urgently...its all superbly divided into those oh so how very organised pods. Very hip. Very cool. Very organised.

The feeder pod and changing pod are both of adequate size to fit enough equipment for a full days use. The changer pod includes 5 pockets and a separate clothing area, and the feeder pod is fully insulated and big enough to fit 4 bottles (plus keep them warm for up to 3 hours). 

But I have to admit, my favourite part is the toy pod (well, just ask Miss 2 - she'll tell you all about it). Recently upgraded to include the detachable safety reins (perfect for those moments at busy airports / train stations etc), plus the option to personalise the bag with a special photo slot / identity window, these little toy pods are brilliant to provide our little people with their own special place to pop their highly important and treasured items in. Cute designs (we love the wee giraffe pod), and a perfect size to suit those little hip travellers. When not in use, our toy pod is attached to my daughters pram so her dolls can take full advantage of it too! 

Oh, and did I mention that there's even cute little parents sections of the bag where your keys, phone etc can live. Hasn't this fab Mumpreneur just thought of everything? Plus, when those baby changing days are long gone, you can fit most laptops into the bag....oh, how we love an adaptable bag such as this which such longevity. 

Each bag is cleverly named after places that this Mumpreneur had visited (Napier, Pheonix, Coromandel, Portland, Almora etc), and is unique in appearance designed to suit all different styles of mum / dads and bub! These bags are so revolutionary, they won the most innovative product prize at the Mumpreneur Awards in the UK last year, plus a few other awards since, and I am sure there will be many more to come.

Good work Pacapod team. We love this product - in fact love all products that makes us appear to look super organised, and this certainly does...Thanks so much for the opportunity to test it out.

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