Monday, January 31, 2011

Up, up, up and away

As the temperature outside soars to 40 degrees (phew), me and my little hips are hiding away inside. Thank goodness for air conditioning! We are also rolling around in fits of giggles whilst we watch Disney Pixar's UP, for the first time.

Sometimes I wish I could tie a few balloons to my house, and go travelling to the wilds of South America and some.

Good one Disney Pixar. Can't believe we've not seen it before. The opening scenes bought a few tears to my eyes.. (or is it just because its so damn HOT today...beads of sweat). Mmmm, attractive.

A real delight for this little hip family of travellers. Thanks.

A hip spanish dish...

Today, we chat with Clare, wife and mother of 2 gorgeous girls, who moved to Spain from England when her youngest was 6 months old. Clare and her family live in Madrid, the girls are both fluent in Spanish and go to Spanish school. Naturally Clare now has a love of Spanish food, and the fabulous social way in which mealtimes flow on for ever as if there's not a care in the world. Life is so relaxed, and in restaurants, children are encouraged to just be children, and are not expected to sit still all the time, and be on their best behaviour. How very refreshing. 

Clare has agreed to share her recipe for Paella which her little 'hips' adore. Why not have a fun Spanish night at home, and try cooking a Paella? Nothing like immersing your little hips to a different culture from time to time.

So here we go...have a go at Clare's fool proof recipe.

"To be honest, the first time I cooked paella I got into a bit of a state about it. I panicked about cooking squid as didn't want to serve it up with the consistency of a rubber band, so I committed the ultimate sin and stirred my paella. Then I panicked that the rice wasn't going to cook properly!

Several hours later than planned, I finally emerged from the kitchen red faced but triumphant.  As it turns out, it's really not that hard to do, and now I just get everything ready in advance, pop all the ingredients in in the right order and hey presto - perfect. Kids seem to love it. Ok, it's not packed with veg, but it contains plenty of fish which might be more unusual for them to try. We're very lucky that the ingredients are plentiful here, but you can adapt the recipe to whatever you have locally. 

Ingredients - serves 4. This recipe is adapted from 'The food of Spain' by Murdoch books.

125ml white wine
1 onion chopped
12 black mussels bearded and scrubbed
Olive oil
1/2 onion finely chopped
12 chicken wings
Slice of jamon finely chopped
4 garlic cloves crushed
1 red pepper deseeded and chopped
1 ripe tomato peeled, seeded and chopped
90g chorizo sliced
A pinch of cayenne pepper
220g paella or any round rice
1/4 teaspoon saffron threads
500ml fish stock
85g peas
Prawns peeled and deveined
Squid tubes, clean and cut into rings
115g firm white fish cut in pieces
2 tablespoons parsley chopped.

Serve it with lemon wedges and crusty bread.

And how to make it...

You don't need a paellaria (flat cooking pan) - I use a large saute pan.

Chicken wings - cook the chicken wings in the oven on 180 deg for about 20 mins until just cooked through.

Preparing the mussels - heat the wine and onion in a pan over high heat.  Add mussels, cover shake gently, cook for 5-8 mins remove from heat and discard any closed mussels, drain and reserve liquid.

First lot of ingredients - heat the oil on medium heat, add 1/2 onion, jamon, garlic and red pepper cook for 5 mins.  Add chopped tomato, chorizo, cayenne pepper and cooked chicken wings.  Season.  Stir in the reserved mussel liquid (or wine if cheating) then add the rice and stir again.

Stock - blend the saffron with the hot stock and stir into rice (or shake in paella mix) - this is your final stir, make it a good one as you can't stir it again, ever.  Bring to boil, then reduce to low simmer, uncovered for 15 mins NO STIRRING.  If the stock runs too low to cook the rice you can add a little more.

Nearly there - put peas, prawns, squid and fish on top of the rice, then push them in.  Cover and cook on low heat for 10 minutes turning over halfway through until the rice is tender and the the seafood is cooked through.  Trust me, because you're cooking the squid slowly it won't be chewy.  Add the mussels for the last 5 minutes (which ever type you're using) and heat through.  If rice isn't tender add extra stock and cook for a few more minutes.  Rest for 5 mins (the paella not you) and then add parsley.  Proudly carry your paella to your waiting friends and family, let them help themselves and enjoy the applause! Hooray.

And here's a wee bit more about Clare....
During our time here, to get my brain back in gear, I mused on the idea of providing information for parents holidaying abroad from the UK and Baby Abroad was born.  At the time, there were companies offering to send baby milk and food to your holiday destinations for a substantial cost, which really is great if you're travelling somewhere where you feel you really can't buy the baby milk or food you need. However, at the popular tourist destinations such as Spain, France and Italy, there are plenty of options for UK babies too, it's just a case of being armed with the right information.  Hopefully parents are finding the information helpful and we encourage people to send us any new snippets of info they find as well as reviews of their holiday destinations to share with other parents.   Meantime, we continue to enjoy our time as a family here in Spain and hopefully we too can share our experiences to help make the holidays of other families all the more enjoyable"

What a magnificent effort. Thanks so much for sharing Clare. To find out more about Clare and life in Spain, head on over to Baby Abroad.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

An exciting week...

My little man is starting 3 year old kindergarten this week! I cannot believe how time flies. We are all super excited.

We are also loving our recent delivery from Stuck on You. Both my little 'hips' now have brand new lunch boxes, BPA free stainless steel drink bottles, and we've stocked up on some more name labels, thanks to the Back to School special deal that is on at the moment.

But have a look at all these other magical bits and bobs available through Stuck on You.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Appy hips

I am loving my iPhone. I also love being on the go with my little hips. Sometimes though, one of them requires that extra bit of 'something' to occupy them. I have got past the stage of reluctantly handing my iPhone over to them. I now know I won't win that battle. So out comes the iPhone, and peace reigns once more. Apps are todays way of occupying the kids for five minutes when you are at the bank, supermarket or doctors waiting room.

So here we go - here are my favourite kids apps of the moment;

Little Miss right hip loves to have a bit of a sing a long to this Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose which you can play in five different languages! How very clever.

Another family favourite is Peekaboo Forest (from the creators of Peekaboo Barn, and Peekaboo Wild). The animals hide in the forest, and once found, you hear their call, and name. Both my little ones love this, and I personally think the graphics are rather beautiful! Peekaboo Barn has been played 12 million times, so no doubt Peekaboo Forest will become just as popular.

Bumblebee Touchbook is wonderful for all ages. My 21 month old listens to the music whilst Mr 3 recognises and reads the words. Fabulous educational tool. Love it.

And one for the mums to be (whilst waiting in the bank or hospital) is Baby Names Plus - a very handy app full of very hip baby names. File your favourites list away, and look back when the baby comes!

Love love love my iPhone...AND so do my hips!

Moving on...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An important wake up call

A few days ago my left hip - my gorgeous, lively, courageous, ball of energy - my three year old son, was diagnosed with autism. Yes, I do feel really really sad. In fact, I feel like I've been hit by a bus. But I also feel really, really relieved. You see we knew something wasn't quite right. But, if you met him, and perhaps I hadn't told you anything about this, you would never guess. Its only very very mild, but nevertheless, it is a positive diagnosis, and thats what we have to deal with from now on. One thing we have to remember though is, he's not sick. He has a significant speech delay, and a few other minor quirks, but he is the same fabulous little shark/dinosaur/train/car/buzz lightyear obsessed boy that he was yesterday.

The reason why I'm telling you this is;
a) its obviously a real massive part of our lives now.
b) We don't want sympathy - just empathy, understanding, support and education. 1 in 10 boys are now diagnosed with autism, and early intervention is vital, so if you suspect something is not quite right, just get it checked out. Its a confronting and difficult path, but one that cannot be ignored.
c) Finally, as I delve deeper into the world of travelling with kids, and now travelling with kids with special needs (which will be a segment of the new website), its now something that I can relate to, and would love to offer my advice. I would also love any other families in similar situations to offer their advice, and contribute too. We, as a family, have been travelling overseas for a number of years, and this is not something that we'll change, just because of this recent hurdle.

So for this little hip family, its off to speech therapy and a few other 'therapies', but now we have a diagnosis, we have government funding.....finally (thankfully).

Thank you for listening.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I 'now' call Australia home......(for now)

'Tis the night before Australia Day. As the 'Australian of the Year' is announced on TV, and others are stocking up on beers, lamb and Aussie flags for a big family BBQ, I think back to this time last year. I was getting ready to take the oath, and actually become an Australian, to sing the national anthem, receive my Aussie tree, and then share a Lamington, and a cup of tea with the other new Aussies in the room.

To become an Aussie, you have to study Australian history and culture. You then, with hundreds of others, enter a room full of computers, and take a multiple choice examination, testing your new Australian knowledge. As I completed the test (sadly - in 4 minutes with 100%), I glanced round the room to see many people, some whom English may not be their first language, were still struggling with question number 1. I even heard someone ask if the test could be translated into Mandarin! It was only then that I realised what it meant to become an Australian. In hindsight, for me it was fairly easy. For others its virtually impossible, or a true dream come true.

I arrived in Australia ten years ago, with literally no more than the clothes on my back, and have lived here as a permanent resident quite happily ever since. It was only after having my children did I realise that I should take more of an active interest and have more input in local and national day to day life. This year has been an interesting year, with a few peaks and troughs. It has though, strangely enough, now made me feel totally accepted in Australia. Bizarre what a piece of paper really does, but I have to say, it has taken me ten years to feel like Australia really is home.

I still feel incredibly isolated and home sick from time to time, especially at Christmas, and days were traditionally families get together (like Australia Day), and making true friends can sometimes be really hard (especially when others are surrounded by friends from their childhood, or have the family holiday house to head to for the summer etc etc), however, there are enough of us likeminded individuals to form our own celebrations together, and somehow numb those random feelings.

So, thanks Australia, for welcoming me. I'm not sure if I shall ever get used to 40 degree days, thongs, lamb, Melbourne's four seasons in one day, people going to the supermarket with no shoes on, christmas on the beach, 24 hour flights to London, and the fact that people don't ride kangaroos' to work. PLUS, I will always support England in the cricket, and will always keep my accent, however I think I can - for now - adapt to life in the sunburnt lucky country. Happy Australia Day to you all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Know enough about family safety on the beach...?

I have to admit, when I first arrived in Australia, I had no idea about beaches, rips, swimming between the flags etc. I mean why would I...British beaches weren't exactly on the top of the list for places to visit. Don't get me wrong, many of them are stunning, but perhaps its something to do with the rather unpredictable weather. My idea of beach safety was watching a few hunky spunks running up and down Home and Away's Summer Bay!

Now, I live in Oz, have two little 'hips' and live within a few minutes of the stunning Australian beach, it is imperative that we all know about beach safety. Plus, its super important that we pass on our knowledge to those who are new to beach life, or are just visiting.

The Surf Life Saving website is a brilliant source of information for both locals and visitors alike. Make sure you brush up on your beach safety tips, as you never know when you might be able to assist.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heading out and about?

Heading out and about to the library, a play date or even kinder? Then you need one of these beautiful bags from the very hip Cocoon Culture. The Little Hip Traveller just loves the fabulous bits and bobs from Cocoon Culture. Make sure you head on over to their website for not only the choice of very fancy bags, but also the cutest wall stickers, bean bags and ottomans and much more. 
Thanks Cocoon Culture for making it all so hip!

A very hip close up African experience...

Mr Left Hip adores rhinos at the moment, and while a trip to Africa is not on the cards at present (shame), where better to get up close and personal with a herd of rhinos than at Melbourne's Werribee Zoo. So, thats exactly where we spent the day today.

We are big fans of Melbourne's Zoos. Be it Werribee, Healesville, or Melbourne zoo itself, our little hip family are proud zoo members, so do try to go as often as possible. The advantages of having an annual pass are you can whizz past the crowds, and pop in for a few hours only, and then if it gets to busy or if you've had enough for the day, you can nip home and revisit another day. A perfect way to get out and about with your family. The zoos are real assets to Melbourne.

For a Sunday, it was remarkably uncrowded, so we managed to jump onto a safari bus straight away to go in search of those rhino. Wow, we were very lucky. We managed to see so many different types of wildlife, and then of course, Mr left hips day was one to remember by getting up close and personal with a herd of rhino. Beautiful...lots of smiles all round.

We headed to the playground and picnic area for lunch, and then, oh, how could we forget our little hips and some others got together for a spontaneous jig to the African music. A fabulous moment. All the parents were just looking on with adoration and pride! We took a walk around the rest of the zoo to see the lions, wild dogs, hippos, meercats, and cheetahs, to name but a few. There are plenty of young animals, and the word is out...gorillas are heading to Werribee Zoo very soon.

One little tip, it is best to get there as early as possible. By lunch time, many of those animals are having a siesta in the warm sun, so are hard to spot or somewhat too sleepy to be entertaining. Being there by 9.30am today really increased our animal viewing chances, and we certainly weren't disappointed today.

A few more little tips; Tuesdays at Werribee Zoo are renamed Terrific Toddler Tuesdays. As the name suggests, its all about introducing the under 5's to a really wild experience. Brilliant way to beat the weekend crowds too.

Another event that looks lots of fun is the Rhythm of Africa nights at the Werribee Zoo. Most weekends, from Jan until mid March each year, the zoo stays open after hours for some real African fun. Bring a picnic, and immerse your family in the African culture with African drumming, music, dancing, food and lots of fun. There are activities for the kids from 4.30pm.

Finally for those bigger hips only (12 years upwards, or perhaps adults only - a good excuse for a mum and dad night away), how about spending the night at the zoo and partaking in the Slumber Safari. This is a great opportunity to experience the wildlife up close and without the crowds, plus enjoy an African banquet, entertainment, a night under the stars, and then wake up in the morning watching the savannah coming to life. Bliss! My hubby is desperate to do this, and one day we shall. Even me, having travelled extensively throughout Africa, and have been on my fair share of African safaris, am really keen to do this, so, its totally on the to do list. Unless we somehow get to Africa first!

We have a new love...

Last year, my little hips' book of the moment (and then the film) was The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We all know it off by heart, and often practice Gruffalo walking when we are out and about (yes, a sight to see). 

This year, our book/film of choice so far is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Its not new - the book has been around since 2005 - however it seems to have just caught the attention of my little hips, and really is such a beautiful story. It goes like this. A penguin turns up at the boys house, and the boy tries to find the penguins' home for him, even rowing to the South pole. But then, when they finally say goodbye, they're not sure if they can be parted! 

The short film, around 25 mins in length, is rather touching, and even bought a tear to my eye. Oliver Jeffers has also written several other wonderful stories including one of our other new favourites; The Way Back Home.

Books and short films in general are perfect for filling up long hours travelling or a great form of entertainment when you out and about, and of course, we all love a good read. Methinks our old favourite 'The Gruffalo' might have to be put back on the shelf (for a little bit!) 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Larking around

One of my most favourite online stores at the moment is Lark. Everything is just stunning, and so very hip. I spend hours and hours just gazing at all the beautifully funky bits and bobs, imaging where they would go in my humble abode!

So I thought I would put together a few magical travel / out & about related things, and hope that one day, they shall all end up somewhere special in my house!

Make sure you all have a good look at luscious Lark.

(Don't worry Lark people, I shall be purchasing soon...)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A hip PramPack

Travelling with your little 'hips'? Taking the pram on various long haul flights? Fed up with the pram being bashed about and broken when being transported from aircraft to airport? Sounds like you need a PramPack.

Designed by a mum who after travelling the world with her young children, saw a gap in the market. The unique features of the PramPack is that it fits 99% of all prams (and double prams too), plus rolls up really tightly when not in use.

Approved and recommended by several airlines, it is available to us through Stokke.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Create a hip masterpiece on the go...

Wow. A perfect way to occupy your little 'hips' when you are out and about. I love this Mealtime Master piece - what a fabulous way to get those little people to take pure pride of their masterpieces. It is essentially a placemat drawing kit - comes with 48 placemats, 6 pens and that super gold frame! 
Get one from Gadgetking.
Love it. Need it!

Need some new accessories?

Now, we've mentioned these a few times before, but my little 'hips' love our Mini Micro Scooter. We scoot here, we scoot there, we scoot everywhere. Even little Miss 21 month old jumps on it and takes it for a spin (in her own way...they are meant to be for 3 plus of course!) 

What I love even more are the accessories and fabulous colours that are now on offer through Mini Micro. A fabulous way to create ownership and personalise those scooters. Limited edition scooters are currently available in the UK in yellow, green and red. Could we maybe have some of those fancy colours in Australia too please Mini Micro?

We could even jazz up our boring old blue scooter with a fancy bag, a bottle holder, or even some very hip looking ribbons? But best of all (well for us safety conscious mums and dads) are the very funky lights to clip on the front, and make us feel slightly more comfortable about our little 'hips' when they are out and about at dusk (wearing helmets of course). 

Thanks Mini Micro - we are loving your very hip accessories. We just need them all here...please?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A beautiful organically hip ring sling..

We were recently sent the most beautiful Ellaroo Ring Sling by the very kind and generous people from Natural Origins. I have to say, the moment I took it out of its very handy organic cotton shoulder bag, I just loved the feel of the 100% organic cotton, and with the stunning embroidery, it certainly looked fabulously hip, and rather special.

One of my besties immediately decided it was the sling for her, and whisked it off for a trial with her very little new bubba. The reports that I got back from her were, even though it was initially a teeny bit tricky to put on, (she felt a little bit nervous squeezing Mr newborn bubba in - but I am sure that gets very easy with practice, and it comes with some very concise instructions), it was remarkably comfortable, very secure, and a perfect and most discreet way to feed the little man. Plus it also stopped him bobbing his little head up and getting totally distracted, as they do. The long flowing part of the sling (correct terminology is the 'tail'), adds as an extra cover to provide shade, or just a cover, or perhaps to mop up any spills. And yes, the sling is fully machine washable too.

Once the baby is settled in the sling, it is remarkably easy to manoeuvre him into different positions according to his needs; feeding, sleeping, gazing out into the world, or just being snug next to mum or dad. Whilst the baby's back and neck is always securely supported, the sling fits comfortably on mum or dad with the wide cushioned padding (allergy free, and made out of recycled plastic!)

When out and about recently, my daughter decided she needed to be carried. I whisked out my Ellaroo Ring Sling, and popped her in. She is coming up to two years old, however was very happy to be sitting on my hip in the sling, and I have to say, it was really comfortable for me too, plus rather enjoyable not to have to run after her for once! She is only a wee thing, but can you believe that the slings are stress tested to 46 kilos?

The Ellaroo ring sling comes in various colours and designs. We were given the chocolate brown Brasilia style, which is simply stunning, and very hip looking too. No ugly straps or plastic buckles to contend with here, and a natural neutral colour so suitable for both parents, plus being very versatile to different shapes and sizes. The eco dyes contain no nasty chemicals too which we, at The Little Hip Traveller, just love.

I have to say, the Ellaroo Ring Sling is just perfect for when you are out and about, or travelling, and when you are not using it, it fits nice and neatly into the cotton shoulder bag.

Its a big thumbs up to this funky looking sling, and a huge thanks to Natural Origins for sending it our way.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nest on the go...super hip invention.

Oooh, Phil &Ted - you've done it again!

I've never hidden the fact that I am a huge Phil & Ted fan. I'm a very happy customer, and a huge advocate for them, so it thrills me to bits when new products are launched. The Nest is a particular favourite just because the simplicity of it makes me love it even more (and think...oh, why oh why didn't I think of inventing that!)

Weighing only 2.5kg, and small enough to fit in an overheadlocker, the Nest is a very versatile piece of equipment. At a glance, it really just looks like just a bag to perhaps keep all your baby gear. Well, you're right, it is a bag, but also a whole lot more. Once you arrive at your destination, or perhaps the little baby hip is getting tired, you just open up your bag, and pull out the the baby bed. Pop it up and hey presto, within seconds your little baby has a very comfy padded little bed. Fabulous.

Another wonderful aspect is the sheer mesh cover that zips over the top, preventing any insects and the bright sun rays from disturbing your very comfortable little person. The nest has handles on both sides, so you can move it from place to place.

Perfect for the beach, a picnic, travelling, grandmas house, or anywhere. As our mates Phil & Ted say "Turn a bag into a bed and make a nest".

We love it, as I am sure any Little Hip Traveller would too. Good one Phil & Ted once again.

The dreaded jetlag, and how to avoid it...

Travelling, we love it. The sun, sea, sand, relaxing, family fun, travelling, flying...the jet lag? 
Arhh! The jet lag. No one likes jet lag. 

So, to assist matters, we have compiled a few hip tips on how not to end up with your child asleep in their tuna sandwich just like my little right hip below (or at least try to get them to bed before this happens, poor poppet!)

Jet lag is basically natures way of saying "ha ha, you had a great holiday, now you are going to suffer". Unfair isn't it, and it is inevitably going to happen. But there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain ever so slightly.

We have to remember that our little ones bounce back so much faster than we do, so even though for them its a tad confusing, they will get over the worst of the jetlag around three days after arrival.

On the plane

Try and start the flight relaxed and not too tired - I know, easier said that done considering you'll probably have done most of the packing, but try and have a good nights sleep beforehand.

Allow plenty of time at the airport - no need to rush if you just want a calm smooth journey.

Try and book a night flight, take the hips PJ's and encourage all members of the family to have some sleep. Use earplugs / eyemasks if you think that may help?

Drink lots of water, and don't eat eat everything that you are offered.

Walk around the plane - stay active (don't worry, you will be anyway if you have young kids!)

 Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Some people swear by changing their watch to the new local time as soon as they get on the plane. Its certainly worth a try.

In transit 

Many airports have brilliant parents rooms, and/or a lounge where you pay a small fee, and you can have a good shower, drinks, rest, or run around. I have found a shower in between two flights makes me feel so much more refreshed, and ready to tackle the ongoing journey. 

Ask at the information centre at the airport if there is a kids area. Many airports have a play area where you can encourage the hips to have a good run around. Both KL and Singapore airports have exceptional kids areas with great facilities. Well worth it.

If you have a few hours you may want to really stretch out and have a swim in the airport pool or visit the  butterfly gardens. Both of these are available in Singapore airport. 


Perhaps plan a stopover for a few nights, especially on the way back home. This will nip most of the jetlag in the bud and therefore normal life can resume much more quickly when back home. Its also a great way for the little hip travellers to learn about new cultures, foods, people etc etc.

Bear in mind that just because you have landed, you may have a few hours car journey ahead before arriving at your destination. The best advice is plan and be prepared, and don't get frustrated if the kids fall asleep as soon as they get in the car. My left hip barely slept from London to Melbourne, but fell asleep about an hour before arriving, and then continued sleeping as we pulled him off the plane, through the airport, into the car, and then we just popped him into his bed, and he woke up the next morning nice and refreshed (and rather surprised!)

Try not to organise too much within the first few days of arriving. You'll want to either go to bed very early, or sleep in, and you really don't want to have to be somewhere at a certain time. You need to allow time to recover.

Have a rest when the kids sleep. It'll take the edge off your tiredness.

Distract your selves from being exhausted. Take a walk and stretch your legs - use the sunshine (hopefully) to invigorate you and keep you awake. It'll certainly help your body adjust, and its far better than falling asleep infront of the TV. 

Just remember, it will take some time, so don't get stressed. You will be normal again one day!

Anyone else got any tips, we'd love to hear them....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Want some hip wheels? You CANNOT look past these...

These days, its really hip for your kids to be riding a balance bike. It normally goes like this; buy a trike to push them around, next perhaps a scooter, then a balance bike, then your little hips graduate to a big kids bike with pedals. All a bit uncomfortable on the hip pocket. 

Well, have a look at this. You cannot get anything more hip than the the 'Hip Kids 2 in 1 balance bike'.

Your child uses the bike without the pedals to learn to balance, brake and control it.

Once confident, you then apply the pedals (very easily), and hey presto, you now have a big kids bike fully equipped with training wheels should you wish. No more expense. No new purchases. No unwanted bikes, scooters, trikes, scattered around the garden! Fabulous. Why oh why haven't we got one...Brilliant.

Available in Pink, Blue, and Red, and for a bargain price of $129 (think of all that money you've spent on other bikes), you really cannot go wrong. Get one through the clever people at hip kids (what a fabulous name!)

Mmmm, we'll have a hip lobster with every meal please...

Those two little cheeky chappies, Phil & Ted, have done it YET again. We love it, and I know that my very little hip will love this little Lobster - a brand new Phil & Ted invention.

Aimed towards hip little ones from 6 months to 3 years, the Lobster is a strong, portable, easy cleaning high chair. The real joy is its completely adaptable, as fits on most dining room surfaces, plus it folds flat, and comes in its very own carry case, so you can just pop it in the car, or underneath the pram so its there for use where ever you end up!


Thanks Phil & Ted. Another fabulous invention (and we love the name Lobster).

But stayed tuned....there's more from P & T coming up very soon.


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