Monday, October 31, 2011

Good morning November...already?

Wow, November has approached us super quickly is this year flying by?

Whilst I start to panic about Christmas coming and being oh so disorganised once more, I've been checking out a few fab online stores. One of my new personal faves is Not on The High Street. Have a look at this fabulous giant colouring world map - is that not just perfect for little hip travellers?


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspire your little hip travellers through some new threads!

We've mentioned this new biz briefly before, but I've just had my own private viewing of the brand new clobber from Whale Spout, and felt that I had to share. 

Picture your little hips running around in this Paris skirt...what a way to get your little ones interested in our great big world! 

Love it. You must head on over and check out this beautiful website. We can't wait to get our hands on some of the fabulous new threads from Whale Spout. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The very hip and highly essential 'Kiss it better bag'

With a background in teaching, running a new business as a first aid educator, and two young boys to raise, Vanessa Williams is one that loves to have her hands full, so yes, why not add the production and launch of her latest baby, the 'Kiss It Better Bag' to the mix?
Vanessa, a fellow graduate of the wonderful Bizness Babes course, knows what its like to do it tough, having lost her home to the horrific Kinglake bushfires back in 2009, so when reassessing life, made the brave decision to launch her own business First Aid 4 All. To compliment this exciting new venture, it only seemed right to market a fabulous and very hip product, the 'Kiss It Better Bag'. Launching at this years Melbourne Pregnancy and Babies expo last weekend, we at The Little Hip Traveller were fortunate enough to be one of the first to grab a wallet for review.

And, wow, what a product. This is way beyond your average first aid kit...and it has to be said that Vanessa really has thought of it all. First of all, you have the choice of two sizes; the funky shoulder bag, or the hip wallet size first aid kid. The nylon wallet is designed to be stashed in the glove compartment of the car, or under the pram, whereas the canvas shoulder bag, which is large enough to accommodate a spare set of clothes, and which clearly is filled with a few extra items, and can be used in all circumstances. The choice is yours.

The wallet, which we were kindly sent, is of perfect size to stored just in the right place when necessary. Its filled with a vast array of highly essential equipment to mend a bloody knee from a playground accident or assist with the more serious injury. It unfolds to reveal four separate compartments, one of which can be unstuck and popped in your handbag to accommodate those essential day to day items....clever! Not being an expert in what should be contained in a first aid kit, the amount and variety of equipment seems to me to be very thorough and correct, and I have to say, my favourite items are the jelly beans, stickers and cartoon figured / different coloured plasters. Enough to put a smile on my little 'hips' faces after a minor accident methinks. The pen and paper, and emergency numbers magnet are also a very clever addition too.
I have to say, this kit is an essential must have for not only day to day life, but travelling in particular, and the wallet sized kit is just perfect for any road trip, or overseas travel. Highly useful is the refill kit available on the Kiss it Better website. I told you, Vanessa really has thought of everything!

A fabulous product Vanessa, to compliment your very hip business, and I wish you all the success (and am super proud to share this with everyone who listens!)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A right royal hip traveller


Apart from my Prince William scrapbook as a child, I wouldn't really call myself a Royalist as such, so why, when watching the Queen visit Queensland on TV, did I become all rather excited? I suppose, as many are suggesting, this may be her last visit down under, and whilst we at The Little Hip Traveller generally concentrate on Little Hip Travellers, I do actually feel some admiration for our Queen, who is now at the ripe old age of 85. Its a tough gig making the trip down under even as an adult, but at that fair age, it really is highly commendable.

So happy travels through Australia Queen - its lovely to see the joy you bring to others, especially those Little Hip Travellers to be, who've been without a doubt practising their courtesy's in front of the mirror, and donning their special frocks and tiaras for this special visit.

Were looking forward to your arrival in Melbourne.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Out and about with your little hips on a rainy day...

What do you do when you wake up to the sound of heavy rain?

Grab your little hips (well big hip was otherwise engaged today so it was just a girls day out). Dress up in gumboots, raincoat, Charlie and Lola umbrella, some lovely friends, and a big sense of humour, and head to Melbourne Zoo of course!

Aim for the largest puddle you can find, and splash to your hearts content!

Oh, did you see the Urban Jungle Mountain Buggy that we are currently testing (more to come soon!)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving this ingenious Pacapod

Once upon a time, there was a very hip mum to be / designer of outdoor clothing, who was cycling around New Zealand and Australia, (as you do), when suddenly she had a brain wave. When she had completed her travels overseas, she set out to adapt what had started as a converted cycle pannier bag, ensuring everything was super easy to find, into an amazing concept and eventually a very successful business was born. This very clever and organised Mumpreneur had ultimately created the Pacapod - an extremely unique range of baby change bags cleverly designed for the super organised and hip mum.   

The reason why this is such a unique bag is its 3-in-1 organising system. Essentially what this equates to is that inside each bag are smaller 'pods' that can be removed and used when your little one requires perhaps a change, or a feed, or even some toys. They  fit nicely inside the bigger bag, so you can either take the whole bag out and about with you, or simply just pop one of the 'pods' in your pram (underneath or use the strap to attach to the pram handle), or in the car, and away you go. Oh, and think about plane trips - just grab the pod that you require and head off to those little cubicles - no fuss. Love it! No more pulling everything out of your bag to find that pesky little dummy, or those baby wipes urgently...its all superbly divided into those oh so how very organised pods. Very hip. Very cool. Very organised.

The feeder pod and changing pod are both of adequate size to fit enough equipment for a full days use. The changer pod includes 5 pockets and a separate clothing area, and the feeder pod is fully insulated and big enough to fit 4 bottles (plus keep them warm for up to 3 hours). 

But I have to admit, my favourite part is the toy pod (well, just ask Miss 2 - she'll tell you all about it). Recently upgraded to include the detachable safety reins (perfect for those moments at busy airports / train stations etc), plus the option to personalise the bag with a special photo slot / identity window, these little toy pods are brilliant to provide our little people with their own special place to pop their highly important and treasured items in. Cute designs (we love the wee giraffe pod), and a perfect size to suit those little hip travellers. When not in use, our toy pod is attached to my daughters pram so her dolls can take full advantage of it too! 

Oh, and did I mention that there's even cute little parents sections of the bag where your keys, phone etc can live. Hasn't this fab Mumpreneur just thought of everything? Plus, when those baby changing days are long gone, you can fit most laptops into the bag....oh, how we love an adaptable bag such as this which such longevity. 

Each bag is cleverly named after places that this Mumpreneur had visited (Napier, Pheonix, Coromandel, Portland, Almora etc), and is unique in appearance designed to suit all different styles of mum / dads and bub! These bags are so revolutionary, they won the most innovative product prize at the Mumpreneur Awards in the UK last year, plus a few other awards since, and I am sure there will be many more to come.

Good work Pacapod team. We love this product - in fact love all products that makes us appear to look super organised, and this certainly does...Thanks so much for the opportunity to test it out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fancy riding your own innovative 'Pod' to the departure lounge...

Heathrow airport have introduced 21 battery powered, driverless 'pods' to transport passengers from the carpark directly to their chosen departure area.

The Pods are designed to carry four passengers - so in the case of a little hip travelling family, 2 adults and 2 little people. Shame it cannot accommodate more. What about those families with 3 little hips!

They are designed to eliminate around 50,000 bus journeys in the Heathrow area per year, easing the strain on the hugely congested airport vicinity. When not in use, the Pods are recharged, ready for their next journey.

They do say that the journey is already part of the it. Good one Heathrow airport (Mmmm, have I ever said that before?)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some hip finds to start the week nicely....

Train bedding, Germany

I've been looking at this very hip "global bazaar" for a while, and thought it was about time I shared. Hocusadabra has a wealth of fabulous bits and bobs for little 'hips' and I'm just loving the theme that it represents.

Hocusadabra believe that "its our responsibility to share important messages" through their choice of merchandise ie BPA is damaging to kids health, its vital to use sustainable material, support independent designers, listen to music from our tribes etc etc. Love it!

So here are a few pics of my fave bits.

Good work Hocusadabra!
Lucas Whale Lunch Pack, Beatrix, NY

Juju Ladybird bag, Beatrix, NY

Organic Graze Bags, California

Train baby blanket - Designed in Germany


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