Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fancy riding your own innovative 'Pod' to the departure lounge...

Heathrow airport have introduced 21 battery powered, driverless 'pods' to transport passengers from the carpark directly to their chosen departure area.

The Pods are designed to carry four passengers - so in the case of a little hip travelling family, 2 adults and 2 little people. Shame it cannot accommodate more. What about those families with 3 little hips!

They are designed to eliminate around 50,000 bus journeys in the Heathrow area per year, easing the strain on the hugely congested airport vicinity. When not in use, the Pods are recharged, ready for their next journey.

They do say that the journey is already part of the it. Good one Heathrow airport (Mmmm, have I ever said that before?)

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