Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scoot 'n' pull those little hipsters back home...

My little hip family love a good scooting session (we are big fans of the super Mini Micro Scooters), but when those little limbs just can't quite make it any further, that long winding road back home from the playground can be somewhat challenging for all involved.

So all my prayers were answered when a wee Scoot 'N' Pull package arrived on my doorstep. Why oh why had I not thought of this ingenious little invention. How we love a practical product that makes life easy once more (and trust me, with 3 little crazy hipsters, I am in awe of such goodies!)

When the going gets tough for your little person, you quite simply attach the Scoot 'N' Pull to the scooter, pull them along, and the little hipster just steers. They still feel independent, but at the same time, you maintain the control (and you all get home much quicker and still in one piece!)

Also perfect for your newly converted scooter fanatics, who perhaps haven't quite got the hang of it... almost like training wheels, or simply for just having lots of fun racing around the tracks - check out our little hip family vid below.

Or if your little people fancy walking besides you, just carry the scooter over your shoulder, freeing up both your hands.

Love love love it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bali winners announced...

Thanks to all those who entered the Bali for Kids book giveaway.

Here are our lucky winners...


Please contact us on and let us know your best address.

The prize will be redrawn if we are not contacted with 7 days.


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