Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An important wake up call

A few days ago my left hip - my gorgeous, lively, courageous, ball of energy - my three year old son, was diagnosed with autism. Yes, I do feel really really sad. In fact, I feel like I've been hit by a bus. But I also feel really, really relieved. You see we knew something wasn't quite right. But, if you met him, and perhaps I hadn't told you anything about this, you would never guess. Its only very very mild, but nevertheless, it is a positive diagnosis, and thats what we have to deal with from now on. One thing we have to remember though is, he's not sick. He has a significant speech delay, and a few other minor quirks, but he is the same fabulous little shark/dinosaur/train/car/buzz lightyear obsessed boy that he was yesterday.

The reason why I'm telling you this is;
a) its obviously a real massive part of our lives now.
b) We don't want sympathy - just empathy, understanding, support and education. 1 in 10 boys are now diagnosed with autism, and early intervention is vital, so if you suspect something is not quite right, just get it checked out. Its a confronting and difficult path, but one that cannot be ignored.
c) Finally, as I delve deeper into the world of travelling with kids, and now travelling with kids with special needs (which will be a segment of the new website), its now something that I can relate to, and would love to offer my advice. I would also love any other families in similar situations to offer their advice, and contribute too. We, as a family, have been travelling overseas for a number of years, and this is not something that we'll change, just because of this recent hurdle.

So for this little hip family, its off to speech therapy and a few other 'therapies', but now we have a diagnosis, we have government funding.....finally (thankfully).

Thank you for listening.


  1. Best wishes for this new journey. Its not an easy path but definately a better one once diagnosed. My niece has mild autism but my sister is too frightened to get the help she needs. So now at 12yrs old she is a sweet child but one that struggles along lifes pathways. On the travel front though, my dear niece came to visit me this summer and flew home all by herself. I cried when she boarded the plane as I knew how frightened she was but was unable to express it. However she made it home fine and has a new sense of achievement. Best of luck - keep us posted x

  2. You deserve a medal for the way you are dealing with this. Talking about it, sharing it openly, seeking the help, confronting the hurdles, embracing the opportunities it opens up to you, and just dealing with it day to day...your little boy and your family will surely come along in leaps and bounds as you all make your way in this new version of your world. Lots of luck to you. xx

  3. Wishing you much strength in your journey. Your little boy has a very clever Mum, so I think your story will be a happy and successful one.

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments. They are all really appreciated x

  5. Just a new phase of life to embrace! One day at a time, one day at a time. Something I've found helpful is speechtails (.com) for on the go speech help. Take a look, we love it and it has truly been a blessing. Good Luck, Vikki B, Indiana


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