Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home sweet home and huge jet leg!

Well, myself, the hubby, and the 2 hips made it home. So lovely to be home, so much space, secure garden, familiar toys and little play mates that we haven't seen for a while everywhere keen to play again.

Yes, its fab to be back, but one thing that is still lingering on is the 'jet lag'. Oh and how torturous it really is...hips go to bed at 7pm, great. Hips wake up at 10pm, great. Hips go to sleep at 2am...GREAT! And then they don't want to wake up in the morning. Joy oh joy. Me and hubby are stressed, and I think our jet lag is just building up into a big heap and will erupt soon! People have often do you travel with kids, how do they respond to jet lag etc etc. Well, I don't think I have the answer, however I do think you have to get the hips back into the swing of things as soon as possible. Wake them up in the morning, have a normal day, encourage a lunch time nap, and then bedtime as normal time. Remember to tell them that it is night time still and they need to sleep and yes, my hips don't understand that, but reiterate the point anyway. We have been home for 4 nights now, and each night the 'awake time' has been less and less, and hopefully should get back to normal soon, but I have been asking myself in the middle of the night ' was it all worth it'. Yes, well it was, but you just have to remember and be sympathetic that its really difficult for the hips to get back into normal day to day hip world. Perhaps a break in the trip is worth it, or perhaps its just as well to get it all out of the way in one go. Any other tips, why not leave a comment...cos I don't think its all over yet!

Once jet lag is out of the way, I shall be back to do a round up of my fab findings and provide some more hopefully useful tips for travelling with the 'hips'.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flights, train trips, and volcanoes

Well, since the last post there has been plenty of action with the hips and life has been totally hectic...too hectic to even post. Hip 1 is totally exhausted and ready for his own bed..thank goodness that we purchased a 'My Ready Bed' in the UK (a blow up inflatable bed with duvet attached with a big Thomas the Tank on the bed head - only super cheap and totally worth it giving hip 1 some security whilst moving from place to place on holiday). And hip 2 is in love with travel and loves settling back, meeting new people, seeing new places and eating new food (think she totally takes after me). Hubby is exhausted and we both need a holiday. Yes, travelling with kids isn't easy, but there certainly are ways that it can be made easier. We are heading off back to Australia tomorrow, and once I am there, I shall update this blog with the tips and trips of how we survived and made this trip easier for us (or how we can make it even easier in the future). We really have found some excellent travel products for kids which I hope to bring to more on that to come.
Since arriving in Switzerland we have been wondering if we will ever leave see, the volcano in Iceland errupted and so many travellers are still stranded around the world. Just shows how fragile our little world is, and is a great reality check. Hopefully we shall get on that flight tomorrow and when we get to Melbourne, I shall do a big update of all those things I have missed out on updating you all...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Carsick kids and a new country

Well, we are about to embark on another flight tomorrow albeit a very short one...England to Switzerland, so even though it is only tiny, it'll be interesting to see how the 'hips' respond. More on that to come...

Also, been doing a lot of driving around the British countryside. Most recently was a trip from the home counties to Dorset for wedding of the big bro. Brilliant wedding, fabulous blue skies, pity about the waves of nausea in the back seat...both 'hips' suffered car sickness. Thank goodness for ziplock bags and heaps of babywipes. Tip of the day, always remember to pack a spare pair of clothes where ever you go. Typically both 'hips' chucked on different days and both days we had failed to pack more clothes in the car. Thankfully the car seats had lift off covers too.

Anyway, just a wee message. Still finding lots of useful bits and bobs for travelling around. More info on all that to come.

Wish me luck, or perhaps wish hubby luck to try and drag me out of the new Heathrow terminal 5 and onto flight - Apparently the shops are excellent!!! My last burst of UK retail therapy...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well, it feels like a long time ago since the 'hips' and I were on that crazy flight, and as we are about to embark on another one (very little in comparison thankfully), I better get some more tips and tricks up. So once again, off we go:

Make sure you get on the plane when they invite you too. Often families are allowed on first. You leave your pram / stroller with the staff, and then they unload it for you again when you reach transit or your destination. Because they are just loaded where the wheelchairs are kept (somewhere up high), you do not have to deflate the wheels...or anything crazy like that.

Get the 'hips' on the plane, comfortable, and grab as many pillows and blankets as possible. Apologise in advance to all those around you.

We packed a couple of bags full of the following items:
Fave toys (just a couple of familiar items)
Sticker books, drawing books, little paperback books, puzzle books etc.
We had a fab Usbourne book about planes - much to Hip 1's delight.
A couple of little cars, dinosaurs, just cheap bits that Hip 1 had never seen before. We brought them out at various stages throughout the flight to try to prevent boredom.
Biggest godsend - portable DVD player. Hip 1 insisted on not liking the earphones provided on the plane, so thankfully we had the DVD player which he could play quietly and it kept him happy. The A380 aircraft even have a plug socket under each seat so you don't have to worry about batteries dying etc.
Spare clothes, PJ's (so to try to get some sleep happening...sleeping bag for little hip), toothbrush etc.
All kept in a fabulous miniture wheelie bag (Hip 1's had pictures of planes on the front...big smiles all round). Not that he wheeled his wheelie bag. That ended up being hubby's job (and I won't say I told you so....)

My bag (well, my bag taken up with kids stuff..I think I had a book and that was it, not that I've read a page yet):
Snacks and spare baby food
Water and milk (customs are fairly lenient on liquids with baby bags..but I have heard of some people having to taste liquids infront of staff). I believe you are allowed as much liquid as you believe necessary for a baby / child on the flight. You may have to get rid of water though before you board. Airlines will prepare milk for you, but beware, if you need it warmed (and its v cold), you may have to wait a while. I even got Hip 2 to convert to real milk at 11 months so I wouldn't have to take formula with me. Saying that, I did take a couple of those ready made ones in cartons so I could just use in emergencies.
Clothes, spare
Nappies galore
Wipes, nappy bags, wipes, wipes, wipes....
A travel blanket (thin but warm)
Panadol and other other drugs you might deem necessary
Ummm, prob about it but felt like a lot more.

As plane takes off its really important that the kids drink something to get their ears adjusted. Having said that 'Hip 2' sucked away on her dummy, and later on was asleep during take off, and she didn't have any issues. Again though, the A380 aircraft is so large, you hardly feel the take off or landing anyway.

Then after the bassinet has been installed, and Hip 2 tries to climb / fall out several times, and then you have to continually take her out whenever there is turbulance so then you start to hate blasted bassinet (but are totally greatful for extra leg room in bulkhead seats), sit back and try and survive the next 24 hours (G&T and several good books and a film anyone??? Yeah right!) Mmmm, how about walk up and down the plane a million times after crawling Hip 2 and running tantrum Hip 1.

More survival tips, and transits tricks later x

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Oh my goodness. I have found so many hip and funky things over here that would help with the whole world of travel...more on that to come, and 2nd tips installment brewing too. Just spent the day trawling through London with the 'hips' and hubby, plus another 6 yr old 'hip'. All very difficult. Tantrums galore. Exhausted. Hubby asleep in front of TV. Me about to creep past him and get into my warm bed!!! x

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hip tips installment numero uno

Okay, so I think that perhaps I am finally back in the world of living, after several long days and nights of seriously jetlagged 'hips' and a grumpy hubby. What a challenge it is to travel with 2 v young ones, but needs must, and we musn't let a simple thing like a 24 hour flight get in the way of fun! Yes, I know what you are going to say, and I know that it has taken sooo long to attempt to sit down and get pen to paper, but I am now going to try and provide some hip tips and tricks about travelling with the hips...however, I will spread out my info over a few posts (so I actually get time to sit back and have that G&T that I never got to consume on the flight!)

So here we go....

Hip tips session number 1:

Arrive at airport with plenty of spare time to make sure that you do get the preordered bassinet , and to let the kids do some running around before setting off. Hip 1 was so impressed with seeing the planes, and was even more excited to find out that he was actually going to be on one (mmmm, don't think he realised that it would be for 24 hours!)

Totally impressed with the fact that we could take the double Phil and Ted pram to the door of the plane without any issues whatsoever. What a relief. It just means that you can actually be confident in the fact that you can keep the 'hips' contained whilst passing through immigration, customs, passport control etc etc. We had actually purchased the travel bag for the pram, which even though it looked like it wasn't totally necessary, talking to a couple of fellow Phil and Tedders upon arrival, it seemed that having the case was a good idea, as their prams had been knocked about a bit. Of course, with just one 'hip', a Maclaren or the like is super dooper, however with more than one 'hip' you need something a bit more substantial.

In case prams aren't allowed up to the door, or just want to check it in, a baby carrier / sling is brilliant especially as it keeps your hands free for all the Vodka and perfume that you may want to purchase. Another god send is a harness for the inquisitive hip, the one that loves to run off. Yes, not a big fan of these, however get a little one with a cuddly monkey / koala, unicorn...the hip thinks its hip, and you feel pretty damn hip with it too.

Mmmmm, that G&T really is calling. More exciting hip tips and tricks to come next time. I need to try and catch up on some much required sleep...oh, and a drink or two.


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