Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How do you like it....?

Vegemite. An acquired taste. I have to admit that I have always been a Marmite girl. I hail from the UK, so I am not a "happy little vegemite" kid, but have perhaps grown to like it over the 10 years I have been here (dare I say, I now perhaps even ever so slightly prefer it to my much loved Marmite!?)

But really, Vegemite (not cheesy i.snack or whatever they ended up with), is really great for those fussy little 'hips' especially when you are travelling. Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT one of those people who fills their suitcase full of favourite foods when heading off on holiday, but I would recommend getting one of those little squeezy Vegemite tubes, and just putting it in your bag. Kids are funny little things...creatures of comfort really, and they just may not LOVE to dabble in frogs legs in France or Sauerkraut in Germany, like perhaps you and I might do. 

Don't even think about it. Just pop one in your bag. You'll be grateful when all they'll want on that 24 flight to London is junk food. At least Vegemite contains lots of Vitamin B (which also keeps the mosquitoes away) and plenty of folate (for all those yummy mummies to be).

Oh, and another thing, has anyone tried Tiger Toast (toasted cheese and Vegemite stripped toast...yum!)


  1. Jo, dont say such hurtful things about Marmite. :)

  2. I'll never be rude about Marmite...and of course, how can we forget the old fave Bovril?


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