Thursday, September 9, 2010

We love Mr Phil and Mr Ted

Me, and Mr Phil & Mr Ted go back a long way....Well 3 and a half odd years to be exact. Hubby and I purchased our Phil & Ted Sport model back in 2007, and oh, what good times we have had, and great places we have visited. When left hip was little, he obviously had it all to himself. Now right hip is here, there is joint custody, and even though right hip usually gets relegated to the back, sometimes, she gets the privilidge of sitting up front when left hip fancies a stroll. Poor second child eh!

But things have moved on in Mr Phil & Mr Ted's world. Not only does it seem that 'everyone' have now joined the bandwagon, and also consider themselves good chums with them, but Phil & Ted themselves have created so many hip things of late, and my love affair with them (and everyone else's) just keeps getting stronger and stronger...

So, what exactly have they done to win so many hearts? 'Adapt and Survive' is Phil & Ted's motto, and adapt and survive they surely have. Those savvy New Zealanders have not only been growing their own brand (prams, porta cots, highchairs, car seats, carriers, and other hip things), but now Phil & Ted have taken over fellow competitor and fellow Kiwi brand, Mountain Buggy, so they certainly have their finger on the pulse. The P&T prams, with classy names like classic, sport, dash and vibe, are not only innovative, but also really clever. P&T know they we need to transport more than 1 little hip around, and they also know that we need to pound the pavements AND and climb every mountain should we wish too. Smart. But what's really smart is the new pram additions to the Phil & Ted family; the explorer, hammerhead, smart and sub 4.

The explorer is basically a brand new funkier version of the Sport (the one I have) and is even more fab and versatile with 7 different configurations to adapt to a growing family of little hips. Phil & Ted have created a fab guide to how it all works...make sure you have a good look.

The hammerhead (and my left hip would love this one as he loves a good old hammerhead shark), is the 4WD version of the Phil & Ted, with 4 snazzy wheels. Brand new, plus this concept is brand new to P&T as they mainly concentrate on the 3 wheeler. Saying that, there is one other 4 wheeler, and that is the rather funky and very handy super light and extremely versatile smart. This is more like a stroller than an actual pram, but looks so funky. We love it as its totally excellent for travelling with the hips as, not only does it folds up really easily, but you can also choose to use it as a travel system, or with a bassinet aswell. So very clever.

But I reckon I have saved the best and most exciting product till the end, and that's the Sub 4. Coming soon, the Sub 4 is classified as 'the world's fastest jogger'. You just have to check out the demonstration below, and get excited too. Adapt and Survive they say...well thats certainly what they are doing...thats why we love Mr Phil and Mr Ted.


  1. We just bought the P&T traveller (portacot) last weekend, it's fab for travelling, so incredibly lightweight it's amazing!! Just have to convince hubby to get the pram to match :-)(hard call though as the Maclaren Vogue stroller is so super easy/lightweight for travelling...)

  2. Oh, I like the new Explorer - maybe it's time for an upgrade! Love love love my Phil & Ted's! I love how I can get through normal doorways steer with one hand(even with 2 bums in there!), how it's easy to keep clean(which reminds me that Ineed to clean mine! haha!). An d I love that their company name is Phil & Ted's Most xcellent Buggy Company. Thant's most excellent dude! :)

  3. ha ha, Karen, don't worry. I am sure hubby will be convinced. Just go on about the aero dynamics....etc etc. Also, tell him what Piper + Lily just said about the name...he would love that, I am sure.


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