Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When needs must...

Whoops...I totally got caught out today on the daily "picking up / dropping off my little hips from a million places run" today. Little Miss 3 urgently needed a wee stop "NOW", and there was no option but stop there and then to rush to her needs. No hiding behind a tree for us, as I remembered the wonderful 'My Carry Potty'. A super little potty that is perfect for keeping in the boot of the car for these exact moments. After use, you simply shut the lid, and its completely leak and odour proof....! Check out our past review of the 'My Carry Potty'. Love it!



  1. Great product very useful for kids

  2. Cool things for kids and it's very useful for them to put their toys or anything. Good thing you have bought this for your kids.


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