Sunday, December 26, 2010

little hip travellers in a very wet Brisbane

Whilst Europe and now North America are covered with mountains of snow (dad said it was the first white christmas he had seen in the UK for years and years), my little hip family are drenched in torrential downpours in Queensland. Most of Queensland is either flooded or on flood alerts. What is going on with our world...need we really ask?

Christmas has been and gone, and now we need to find rainy day activities to keep the hips amused whilst we are here....

a grey and rainy day in a small vicotrian rural town, australia

Sadly, the Museum of Queensland was closed yesterday leaving left hip really upset as he wanted to see the dinosaurs, so we quickly changed tact and literally jumped onto the Brisbane Ferris Wheel so we could get out of the rain. The wheel, although not enormous (only 60m's compared to London Eye's 135m's) is a great way to see the city. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, we couldn't see much at all, however it was rather an exciting 12 minute ride for the hips! Hey, at least Brisbane can get their wheel to work, unlike the trouble Melbourne's wheel has had!

Whilst the hips and in laws have headed back to Dinosaur Museum today, I have taken shelter from the rain, (and christmas family disputes) and am back at the ranch collating information on what to do over the next few rainy days. The rain is here until we leave!

Armed with el cheapo gumboots (note to self, am definitely going to buy some Bergstein Gumboots from Fawn and Fox when I get back to Melbourne rain) and rain coats, we are heading to some of the following  wet weather activities: Queensland Museum, Science Centre, Workshops Railway Museum for Day Out with Thomas, Ipswich Art Gallery Childrens Expo, Go Wild Activity Centre, and of course, we'll be wet anyway so we must head to Sea World to satisfy left hips fascination with the under water world!

I will of course add write a little report on all these places, so if you ever find yourself stuck in rainy Queensland, then you'll know what to do!

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