Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get excited....Its a Go Go babyz giveaway!

When I am asked to test out a new innovative product, I get really excited. But I get uber excited when its a product that you just don't see every day. These kind of goodies, just so you know, are the kind of things that really float my little hip travelling boat. So when Abby, a clever business mummy from Go Go Babyz got in touch, and told me about her new products, I just thought "Bingo"...send them over, and send them over she did.

(Note: Be sure to read to the very end, as there is a super hip giveaway to be won!)

What fun we had testing out these. As our little hip family of 4 is now a bigger hipper family of 5, getting on a plane right now is not something thats on the agenda (not quite yet), so testing these products out were done in a somewhat 'play based' environment. Yes, left hip, right hip, brand new hip (my little family for those new to the little hip traveller!) pretended we were at the airport (and had heaps of fun at the same time, checking in luggage, whizzing through customs and passport control, eating our aeroplane sandwiches, etc etc...)

So, exactly what products were sent for us to play with?

Well, firstly, there's the Aussie Kidz Travel Mate. An extremely unique and hip product designed for ease of mind and practicality. A car seat and stroller in one! If you are taking your car seat interstate or overseas, why not ditch the stroller as this nifty product doubles up as both. You simply harness your car seat into the wheeled attachment, (which is compatible to most car seats), and away you go. Excellent for pulling or pushing through the airport whilst ensuring your little people are safe and keeping up with you! (For a seasoned Heathrow airport traveller with multiple kids in tow, this is a godsend....think how far you have to walk to get to your gate?). Plus, kill two birds with one stone - no car seat to hire upon your destination, or even if you are taking a taxi, you can use your own car seat for that extra bit of safety. Perfect!

Even if you are heading off on a road trip, the Travel Mate is a perfect option. By leaving your normal stroller at home, you'll have more space to pack other essential items. When not in use, the device can simply be stored in the boot of the car, ready to use again when necessary. Super lightweight (just 2.25 kg's), easy to construct, even though Mr hip traveller (hmmm, the engineer), was a tiny bit confused, and super cool looking (check out those funky wheels), the Travel Mate is an absolute key product when on the go with your little hip travelling team.

Our second funky product is the SideKick Bliss....a very hip nappy bag and baby carrier all in one! This one is not just perfect for all those moments when you have to juggle multiple kids, bags, lunch boxes, and a busy road (think kinder / daycare pick up / drop off a million times a week), but also of course when you are travelling with the little hip family.

This good looking bag comes in a choice of three colours, and has multiple pockets plus your usual nappy bag accessories (change mat, snack pouch, and lots of really useful little finds). I love the magnetised buckle on the bag, and it totally passed the hubby test, who was really keen to try it out!   The great thing about this bag is, when not using as a baby carrier, you simply zip away the excess material provided for the 'seat' part, and you can use it as a normal bag.

Versatility certainly is the name of the game, as the bag can be worn over the shoulder, round the waist or across the shoulder / body. Oh how I love multi purpose items!

Its best to make sure bubs has good head control as you cannot really be totally hands free (I did feel the need to hold on to my little hipster), however, it can take up to 15kg which really means your older toddler would be far more adept to holding onto you!

And you know, the best thing is....combined with Abby from Go Go Babyz, we are giving one of each product away!!!!!  

Click onto the following link to enter this super easy giveaway:

Thanks Abby. Loving these products, and cannot wait to find out more about you and your travels. Check out Abby's travel tips coming up soon!

Oh, and whilst you are on the Go Go Babyz website, check out the Infant Cruizer too...


  1. I love the last mother and son pictures. So cute image.

  2. Hello,

    I like your Aussie Kidz Travel Mate which is new to me. I'm also pretty interested in your bags with adjustable straps. I want to see more about your products.


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