Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet sounds...

School holidays. Love them....Hate them. Double edged sword. Whilst we are not officially at 'school' as yet, we at the tail end of the 'kinder / occasional care / activities' holidays. We all love the fact that we can lounge around in PJ's, watch DVD's, read lots of books and bake lots of cakes, however I do believe my little hip family are a little bit over their hip Mumma. So now it seems that its time for the early morning rush hour to recommence once more.

Yesterday though, my biggest hipster and I checked out some of his 'bestest' things on YouTube. Consequently, I woke up this morning, to the sweet sounds of Mr 5 lying in bed reciting his current favourite...Wonky Donkey.

Whilst I cannot say its totally my cup of tea, whatever floats his boat works for me. So it only feels appropriate to share these sounds. Enjoy, and check out those yellow cheese straw toothy pegs.

And whilst we are here, it feels rude not to share my current personal favourite...An interview with 'The Very Cranky Bear'. Enjoy

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