Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hip destination baby names...

So, it has recently emerged that Mohammed has beaten Jack as the number 1 name in the UK, and no surprise; William, Jack, Sophie, Emily, Charlotte are all still top 10 favourites in Australia and the UK alike. Choosing a name for your little person is massive - you need to both like it, and still make sure it remains hip as they travel through life, plus its got to be easy to spell, let alone pronounce.

Names are getting more and more unusual, and as the repertoire of names grows wider and wider, its really intriguing to discover how and why parents choose their little 'hips' names.

Now, as you know, we at 'The Little Hip Traveller' are all about travel, so it seems only appropriate to talk about hip destination names. I wonder how many kids are named after the place where their parents met, or travelled to, or even, were conceived? Of course the Beckham's famously named two of their sons Brooklyn and Cruz, and now it seems many other parents are following suit.

Research by Bounty has unravelled the top 10 destination baby names.

1. Florence
2. Rio
3. Paris
4. India
5. Sydney
6. Lucia
7. Brooklyn
8. Savannah
9. Devon
10. Pheonix

Love it! How about Timbuktu, Wagga Wagga or Whakatane anyone? Has anyone got any hip stories to tell about the origin of their child's name?



  1. I named my daughter Airlie after honeymooning in Airlie Beach and falling in love with the place. I told my husband that if we ever had a daughter we should name her after this place as it was just so breathtaking. We had always had Amelia Maree chosen as a girls name from when we had our first son 3 years earlier so we added this to the list.

    When our daughter arrived a few years later she was born 3 months premature. I had to spend 2 days in the ICU due to the Pre Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome but when I finally met her they suggested we name her. I sat with my husband and I wrote out the names and the combinations of what her name might be. We finally settled on Airlie Fae, Airlie as she was as breathtaking as the place we had honeymooned at and Fae after her great grandmother she unfortunately never got to met.

    When I chose the name I knew noone with the name but since have had 2 girls I have gone to school with who have named their daughters Airlie/Airlee and we have come across a few older girls with the name too. That doesn't matter though because it still has the gorgeous unique meaning to us and I can't see her being named anything else.

    I hope you can come up with a wonderful name for your little hip traveler too.

  2. We've chosen a particularly unusual literary name for our munchkin, but as a keen traveller, I love the idea of a travel name. Suggest Serengeti, Nagarkot, Tambopata or Lemaire - some of my favourite plances on earth!


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