Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off we go...

Well, here we are. About to embark on our annual ish pilgrimage from one side of the world to the other, yes, Australia to the UK. Last time it was just me, myself and my 'left hip' who at the time was 6 months old. Easy enough - 'left hip' couldn't move, and basically slept all the way (with the assistance of perhaps a dose or 2 of baby panadol!) This time its myself, 'left hip' (now 2 1/2) and 'right hip' (1 in a few days), plus the hubby (help or hindrance?)

Its actually me who is from the UK so the purpose is to see my family and introduce the 'right hip' - but why, oh why, does it have to take 24 hours to get there. Possibly the longest 24 hours ever - infact, possible pure torture, eyelids propped up with match sticks, me paranoid left and right hip are going to have screaming tantrums down the aisles of the aircraft, all passengers eyeballing me silently cursing, and hubby snoring away next to me....

Oh well...bags are finally packed (a feat in itself), and the kids are tucked in bed. As I sit here with a rather large glass I wine, I think about the journey to come:

Are we going to physically get to the airport with all our bags, pram, snacks, games/puzzles/sticker books, infact pretty much everything apart from the kitchen sink.

Are we going to be allowed to take the pram to the door of the plane, or do we have to do some crazy 'wrap up the 3 wheeler with a very large roll of glad wrap' manevoure.

Are we even going to make it onto the super snazzy new Singapore airlines aircraft before 'left hip' has a whopping great tantrum or runs a marathon around the airport?

Are hubby and I going to be able to partake in a large g&t and catch the latest big screen flick (or am I just hallucinating now!)

Are we going to get any shut eye at all? Or are the kids? Phernargon anyone?

All will be revealed, along with hopefully some tricks and tips along the way. Keep reading (and wish me luck!)


  1. Good Luck Mum!
    I've done the trip a few times and it is not always pretty! The thing I always find hardest it knowing what's coming next.
    Where are the toilets? How big will the plane cot be? Can I have the milk warmed before take off? What is in the kids meal? There are so many things to sort out.
    Even things like what are the travel regulations at the other end? Will I be able to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel or will I be risking
    a)kids lives without a car seat
    b) a prison term for travelling without car seats
    .... who knows??!!
    Often the anxiety of not knowing what is coming next is far worse that the reality. I look forward to following your trip. Good luck!

  2. I am looking forward to following your trip as am off to the UK with my little 'hip' who will be 6 months old - just the 2 of us so I am really keen on all travel tips and advice at this stage while I dread the forthcoming flight more every day!! Good luck. Enjoy the long awaited G&T!

  3. Thanks for following ladies. All shall be revealed (as if by magic!)

  4. Good luck! I will be reading with great interest - I will also be doing the trek from Oz to the UK in Dec. My little 'hip' will be 1 year old then, fun! I look forward to reading all about your adventures, warts and all! Enjoy, and good luck :-)

  5. Loving it Jo! Can't wait to read more.....


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