Friday, April 2, 2010

Hip tips installment numero uno

Okay, so I think that perhaps I am finally back in the world of living, after several long days and nights of seriously jetlagged 'hips' and a grumpy hubby. What a challenge it is to travel with 2 v young ones, but needs must, and we musn't let a simple thing like a 24 hour flight get in the way of fun! Yes, I know what you are going to say, and I know that it has taken sooo long to attempt to sit down and get pen to paper, but I am now going to try and provide some hip tips and tricks about travelling with the hips...however, I will spread out my info over a few posts (so I actually get time to sit back and have that G&T that I never got to consume on the flight!)

So here we go....

Hip tips session number 1:

Arrive at airport with plenty of spare time to make sure that you do get the preordered bassinet , and to let the kids do some running around before setting off. Hip 1 was so impressed with seeing the planes, and was even more excited to find out that he was actually going to be on one (mmmm, don't think he realised that it would be for 24 hours!)

Totally impressed with the fact that we could take the double Phil and Ted pram to the door of the plane without any issues whatsoever. What a relief. It just means that you can actually be confident in the fact that you can keep the 'hips' contained whilst passing through immigration, customs, passport control etc etc. We had actually purchased the travel bag for the pram, which even though it looked like it wasn't totally necessary, talking to a couple of fellow Phil and Tedders upon arrival, it seemed that having the case was a good idea, as their prams had been knocked about a bit. Of course, with just one 'hip', a Maclaren or the like is super dooper, however with more than one 'hip' you need something a bit more substantial.

In case prams aren't allowed up to the door, or just want to check it in, a baby carrier / sling is brilliant especially as it keeps your hands free for all the Vodka and perfume that you may want to purchase. Another god send is a harness for the inquisitive hip, the one that loves to run off. Yes, not a big fan of these, however get a little one with a cuddly monkey / koala, unicorn...the hip thinks its hip, and you feel pretty damn hip with it too.

Mmmmm, that G&T really is calling. More exciting hip tips and tricks to come next time. I need to try and catch up on some much required sleep...oh, and a drink or two.

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