Sunday, August 29, 2010

family only sections on flights...a sign of things to come?

According to a recent poll through Skyscanner , 59% of travellers would like a family - only section on all flights. Now, obviously this is something we tackle all the time - how to make travelling with kids less stressful - however, is this really necessary, or is this a sign of things to come?

Apparently Qantas paid an undisclosed amount to a female passenger who claimed a child's screaming on a flight made her ears bleed! So what do you you think we should have a family friendly part of the plane, or should Business class be more affordable so disgruntled passengers can pay more to be seated away from families? Perhaps we will we go as far as having flights that are 'adults only'? Or do we get rid of those flashy suites that some airlines are producing, fill them with a ball pit just like Ikea, and pay someone to 'nanny' the kids whilst we sit back and catch the latest flick.....Mmmmm (ya, right). What do you think?


  1. It's bad enough now when you fly Jetstar - they put all the people with kids to the back of the plane on a recent flight from the Gold Coast to Sydney. Half a dozen rows of babies screaming - one started and it set the rest of them off. Last time I'll choose to fly Jetstar for that reason. My 6mth old was as happy as Larry on the quiet flight up with Virgin. Didn't utter a whimper and certainly didn't get frighten by the kid infront.

    Imagine the skys if all parents had the choice of only one or two flight schedules a day because they have kids, and then have the stress onboard of knowing that it is likely they won't have any hearing by the time they reach the destination, not from their child, but from the other 200 on the flight. Hmmm food for thought!

  2. I do like the sound of that ball pit..... most airlines already put the kids towards the back of the plane, which i think is weird, the poor kids and parents are first to board and last to get off - way to stretch out a already stressful tiring trip! The upside is that on a recent trip to NZ the lovely 5 year-old girl in the row in front of me kept my 18-month old entertained for most of the trip and the baby behind us was good for peek-a-boo for the rest of it :)

  3. Oh for goodness sake. I hate being in a plane near OPC! My daughter is a high energy kid, but she's an angel on flights. I don't want her near other kids who will give her ideas about how to behave inappropriately. We flew business class to Europe last year, she was 3 and the only kid in BC. It was awesome and so peaceful.
    My tip - before you get on the plane, find a place in the airport where you can make your child run laps! Works for us!


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