Friday, April 23, 2010

Flights, train trips, and volcanoes

Well, since the last post there has been plenty of action with the hips and life has been totally hectic...too hectic to even post. Hip 1 is totally exhausted and ready for his own bed..thank goodness that we purchased a 'My Ready Bed' in the UK (a blow up inflatable bed with duvet attached with a big Thomas the Tank on the bed head - only super cheap and totally worth it giving hip 1 some security whilst moving from place to place on holiday). And hip 2 is in love with travel and loves settling back, meeting new people, seeing new places and eating new food (think she totally takes after me). Hubby is exhausted and we both need a holiday. Yes, travelling with kids isn't easy, but there certainly are ways that it can be made easier. We are heading off back to Australia tomorrow, and once I am there, I shall update this blog with the tips and trips of how we survived and made this trip easier for us (or how we can make it even easier in the future). We really have found some excellent travel products for kids which I hope to bring to more on that to come.
Since arriving in Switzerland we have been wondering if we will ever leave see, the volcano in Iceland errupted and so many travellers are still stranded around the world. Just shows how fragile our little world is, and is a great reality check. Hopefully we shall get on that flight tomorrow and when we get to Melbourne, I shall do a big update of all those things I have missed out on updating you all...

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