Saturday, May 29, 2010

My hip new enterprise, and autumn strolls with the hips...

Gosh, well it has been a while. Things have been busy in the world of the hip traveller. No, we've not been travelling, just out and about doing everyday things, which is alot when you've got Hip 1 and Hip 2 to entertain.

Alongside the normal day to day running of the hip household, I am actually working on creating 'the little hip traveller' into a whole new way. All those fab products that I mentioned in this blog (well, that I promised that I would tell you about)...all those tips and trips which I wanted to pass onto you all...well, I am going to bring them all together and share them with you in an exciting and brand new enterprise. Yes, it is pretty exciting for me, but all I can say at this stage is watch this space. All will be revealed and I shall certainly try not to leave it too long.

Now, having recently been walking to lots of parks and playgrounds making the most of this (mostly) fabulous Autumn weather, I think its time to get Hip 1 under control. Let me explain. Hip 1 loves to run off and has no desire to listen to me when I say 'do not run in front of the very fast bus/car/swing/seesaw/football' etc. Hip 2 is still crawling, so it is essential to have the 'Phil n Ted' pram with me at all times. Great, it has 2 seats, but really, Hip 1 cannot be sitting in the pram for ever. Buggy boards...tell me. Do they work and are they worth it? Or is there any other way of 'restraining' him? Yes, boys will be boys, but still. Hip 1 is about to have a birthday and we have just bought a fabulous hip mini micro scooter. Perhaps that will do the trick, or will I now need a scooter myself to keep up with Hip 1?

Oh, and one last thing, whilst I am on those Autumn strolls, myself and the Hips love to pop in to a local kid friendly cafe for a quick babycino and skinny latte. I personally am loving Little Eats - just pop on to get great tips on kids friendly cafes in Melbourne. What a fab idea.

Anyway, time to go back and work on that hip enterprise of mine. If you want to check out what I am working on, why not follow my blog. Or alternatively, if you have any suggestions on how to keep Hip 1 from running off, please let me know...

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