Thursday, April 28, 2011

A fairytale

My little hip family are fortunate enough to have an iPad, and I have to say, on our recent road trip (which I shall write about soon), its been worth its weight in gold. 

Not only are they are brilliant learning tool (particularly for master hip who, as many of you are aware, has recently been diagnosed with autism), they are also a lot of fun, and have some brilliant apps for both young and old alike. 

But its not all about the little hips. Here's a fabulous app just for me (well and my little hips) and my current obsession with the Royal Wedding. 

Will and Kate - a love story is an interactive experience leading us through the romantic Kenyan savannah, to getting dressed for the wedding, through to honeymoon photos. Its a quirky little tale depicting Kate and Will's romantic adventures and I love it! 

Available through itunes, its just a fabulous way to let your imagination go wild, and share in a lovely real life fairy tale.

Now, I am heading off to watch the Royal Wedding. And then I promise, no more talk of it...

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