Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take it, Pack it, Strap it.

I have to say, the first time I heard about the TrayKit was when I was watching one of my all time favourite programs from the UK, Dragon's Den, where the wonderful entrepreneur, Solvej Biddle, had invented such a great product, she had four Dragons' bids to choose from. (If you don't watch this, its a fabulous show and well worth it, and if you do, you'll know how rare that is!) So I was very excited to be given the opportunity to test out and review said product on our recent road trip from Melbourne to Canberra.

The TrayKit really is a truly fabulous invention, and Solvej, mum of two, really is a genius. We all know that travelling with kids, on any mode of transport, can be really tough. The TrayKit, a lightweight kids backpack / play tray, enables your little hips to take ownership of their own toys, safely tucked away in their own bag, which they can carry around as either a backpack or carry case.

Once inside the selected mode of transport, the TrayKit attaches securely onto the back of the car, plane or train seat in front, and then folds out into a stable tray allowing plenty of room for most games, or activities. The sides of the tray kit are strong and fairly high, so its unlikely that any toys, crayons, or snacks can roll off onto the floor, (or, even worse, roll down the plane/train causing frustration for parents and children alike, and we all know minimising frustration whilst travelling is paramount!). With the tray being extendable and the height being adjustable, it suits little and big hips alike - just perfect.

My little hips were delighted with the TrayKit, in particular, little Mr hip, who currently has a fascination with dinosaurs and wild animals, and spends hours playing with them at home. The TrayKit was a perfect solution for him to continue playing with them whilst we were travelling, and the little pockets inside were a perfect place to store those pesky dinosaurs!

At one point, we even managed to strap the TrayKit between the back of the driver and passengers seats so they could both watch the same DVD in comfort. Brilliant - as you know, we, at 'The little hip traveller' do love a versatile product.

The TrayKit, which is currently available in both blue and pink, is brand new to Australia, and My Busy Bag is Australia's only supplier at present. My Busy Bag also supply an excellent range of travel toys and activity packs which compliment the TrayKit superbly (more on these to come soon).

A perfect solution for travelling with children and this is without a doubt one our of top products to date.

A definite must-have for your little hip travellers.

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