Sunday, September 25, 2011

A very hip African experience...aka The Lion King

Today, we took our little 'hips' to an early morning viewing of The Lion King. As a rule, I am not a massive Disney buff, but this cutsy little flick is a one that is v close to my heart. Back in 1994, I spent an extended period with wonderful people in East Africa. One of those people, one of my besties, died in a car accident a few years later, and I vowed that I would do all things possible to explore the world, as she had introduced me to the world through her family in East Africa. Hence my passion for travel, through my career, love, life, and now The Little Hip Traveller.

When we returned from our adventures in Africa, The Lion King was big news, and we loved it. And today, I loved that my little hip family were absolutely in awe of the flick, as I was back in 1994 (and still am!) Mr 4 year old hip was super delighted - African animals are totally his thing, and he was jumping around in his seat with excitement. He even yelled out (really rather loudly), "Are you okay Dad" when Simba's dad was fatally injured in the buffalo stampede. And of course, our little lady was equally excited by the wonders of the savannah. 

The Lion King is a terrific way of introducing your little people to the beauty of Africa, and I was delighted to pass on my passion of this amazing continent to them. However you choose to do it, absorbing your little ones in other cultures is just key to creating little hip travellers. Oh, and its lovely to go and see a wee flick together as a family on a Sunday morning too! 

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