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hip potty training tips.....

So, the My Carry Potty review is done and dusted, however, the 'my carry potty' giveaway is still in full swing...only a few more days left so don't forget to enter. Recently there have been a few rumblings in the dark about actual toilet training tips. Fair enough, all this talk about potty's - lets get down to the real business, and talk about the real stuff...toilet training.

So with the help of the creators of My Carry Potty, and some of my own personal research and experiences, I have put together a list of toilet training tips, ranging from the obvious to the most bizarre...whatever works I say. It would be great if you have a read of the following, and any personal tips or success stories you have, please feel free to comment on the blog, facebook, twitter, or email, and I can add your tips.

Don't forget, the My Carry Potty giveaway is still open until Friday 17th December, and is very easy to enter, so do go ahead...

So here we go, The Little Hip Traveller potty training tips........

Are you ready?

Are they interested in watching you going to the loo?

Show bladder control - has dry nappies during the day for long periods?

Has some understanding of simple words and follows instructions?

Can take pants off and back on when necessary?

Tells you when done a wee or poo?


Think about potty v's toilet;  Do you want to start on a potty and then graduate to the toilet, or do you want to start straight on a toilet? For boys, do you want to teach them standing or sitting? 

Think about pants v's potty; Some people believe that pull ups don't really work, and the children don't really feel the wetness when they wee. One mum suggested when going out, wearing pants and then pull ups on top. That way, they can feel when they are wet (hence learn) but don't create too much mess. Or perhaps use pull ups for the car only. Even take the child out to choose their first underpants or choose a potty or even decorate the potty. Whatever works for you...

Think about all the equipment that you require; A suitable stool / bathroom step to stand on to reach the toilet, lots of pull ups, pants, a mop and bucket, disinfectant, some books for distraction, a week or two without any major plans, and lots of rewards and patience! 


Pick a day/week, commit to it. Wipe all activities off the calendar, and stay at home. Take away the nappies, and let them toddle around the house and garden. Expect a few accidents. This is obviously a lot easier when the weather is warmer, and some wait till the summer to crack toilet training. Or at least make sure their clothes are easy to pull down in a hurry.

Have a few potty's around the house, so they get comfortable with them, or make sure the toilet is accessible. Practice sitting on them. Practice flushing the toilet. Practice washing and drying hands.

If you do need to leave the house, go on short outings (or take a My Carry Potty with you).

Don't keep asking if they need to go to the toilet. A good tip is to set the kitchen timer for every 20 - 30 mins, and then when the buzzer goes, they'll automatically hear it, and eventually it will remind them that they should go to the loo. It gives the child independence, and also stops you from feeling like you are a nag! But, saying that, it is a good idea to suggest going to the toilet before leaving the house, or before a nap etc.

Remember there will be accidents. Don't get cross. Be positive. Lots of praise.

Teach the child to redress after any accidents. Putting the soiled underpants in the laundry etc.

Have a potty for teddy to use too. Make it as fun as possible.

Be attentive. Watch for signs. Don't watch the clock.

Lots of praise and encouragement. Some find reward charts, stickers, or small prizes work really well.

Make sure they drink lots of water and foods with lots of fibre, fruit and veg.

If they are sitting on the loo / potty for longer than 5 / 10 mins, its unlikely they need to go. Don't force them there.

Let the tap run for a bit. Who can resist a running water when you need to go...?

Have a My Carry Potty in the car - perfect when you are somewhere remote, travelling or the child is desperate for the toilet. Brilliant for being out and about.

Don't panic about poo's - they may still need some time and perhaps a nappy for those. Perhaps concentrate on the wee wee's first. Its pretty scary stuff.

Just remember not to push the child - it can take weeks, or months to perfect it. Stop. Wait a few weeks and then try again.

Remember that accidents and setbacks will happen. Even if you are successful, its easy for them to forget all about it whilst they are playing, and whoops, there's an accident. Remember to always take a spare change of clothes with you.

Most importantly, and I can only really stress this, don't panic or rush. Its not a competition!

Any other tips, please please share...and good luck, and don't forget to enter the My Carry Potty giveaway (for details see below). We'll all get there in the end.

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