Sunday, December 5, 2010

LOVE these little hip sun pouches..

Wow, a perfect little addition to your hand bag / nappy bag, and really great when on the go or even travelling. These fabulous Sun Pouches are great for the slip slop and slap . Designed by a mum, and having used them over the past few days, this hip mum is very happy to recommend them to all. Each pouch holds 75ml, are 30 + UVA/UVB and are water resistant for up to 4 hours. There are suitable for sensitive skin and do not have any extra perfume, additives or any other bits and bobs added.

There's a pouch design for us all from the funky black and white, or multi coloured designs, to the brilliant sensitive skin especially for the little 'hips'.

Just don't get them confused with your little yogurt pouches! Even the packet is eco friendly - The Little Hip Traveller loves them!

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