Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flying with the 'hips'? Hip carry on luggage packing tips...

The holidays have almost arrived. Are you jetting off somewhere with the 'hips'? Wondering what to pack for carry on? Here are a few hip tips on getting yourselves settled on the plane?

Make sure you get on the plane when they invite you too. Often families are allowed on first. You leave your pram / stroller with the staff, and then they unload it for you again when you reach transit or your destination. Because they are just loaded where the wheelchairs are kept (somewhere up high), you do not have to deflate the wheels...or anything crazy like that.

Get the 'hips' on the plane, comfortable, and grab as many pillows and blankets as possible. Apologise in advance to all those around you.

We packed a couple of bags full of the following items:

  • Fave toys (just a couple of familiar items)
  • Sticker books, drawing books, little paperback books, puzzle books etc.
  • We had a fab Usbourne book about planes - much to Left Hip's delight.
  • A couple of little cars, dinosaurs, just cheap bits that Left Hip had never seen before. We brought them out at various stages throughout the flight to try to prevent boredom.
  • Biggest godsend - portable DVD player. Left Hip insisted on not liking the earphones provided on the plane, so thankfully we had the DVD player which he could play quietly and it kept him happy. The A380 aircraft even have a plug socket under each seat so you don't have to worry about batteries dying etc.
  • Spare clothes, PJ's (so to try to get some sleep happening...sleeping bag for little hip), toothbrush etc.
  • All kept in a fabulous miniture wheelie bag (Left Hip had pictures of planes on the front...big smiles all round). Not that he wheeled his wheelie bag. That ended up being hubby's job (and I won't say I told you so....)
My bag (well, my bag taken up with kids stuff..I think I had a book and that was it):
  • Snacks and spare baby food
  • Water and milk (customs are fairly lenient on liquids with baby bags..but I have heard of some people having to taste liquids infront of staff). I believe you are allowed as much liquid as you believe necessary for a baby / child on the flight. You may have to get rid of water though before you board. Airlines will prepare milk for you, but beware, if you need it warmed (and its v cold), you may have to wait a while. I even got Right Hip to convert to real milk at 11 months so I wouldn't have to take formula with me. Saying that, I did take a couple of those ready made ones in cartons so I could just use in emergencies.
  • Clothes, spare
  • Nappies galore
  • Wipes, nappy bags, wipes, wipes, wipes....
  • A travel blanket (thin but warm)
  • Panadol and other other drugs you might deem necessary
Ummm, prob about it but felt like a lot more. 

As the plane takes off its really important that the kids drink something to get their ears adjusted. Having said that 'Right Hip' sucked away on her dummy, and later on was asleep during take off, and she didn't have any issues. Again though, the A380 aircraft is so large, you hardly feel the take off or landing anyway.

Then after the bassinet has been installed, and Right Hip tries to climb / fall out several times, and then you have to continually take her out whenever there is turbulance so then you start to hate blasted bassinet (but are totally greatful for extra leg room in bulkhead seats), sit back and try and survive the next 24 hours (G&T and several good books and a film anyone??? Yeah right!) Mmmm, how about walk up and down the plane for the millionth time....


  1. Just discovered your blog. I am loving reading your experience. My husband is English & we both love travel. We are heading to England with our little one (14 months) to visit the extended family next year. I am excited to be having our 1st (of what I hope to be many) OS adventures. I am expecting the flight to be a nightmare but will try & ease the pain using some of the suggested tips. Our plan (based on tip from another family traveling with a toddler) is to have a 6 hr stop-over in Singapore & book ourselves into the transit hotel for a shower & nap (with a wake-up call). Not sure if it will work.

    Oh, we did a mini-test run holiday to Broome when our little one was 6 months. We bought a Maclaren pram for the trip. However, we first used the pram at the airport ... BIG mistake. Hubby & I had a heated discussion about our to collapse the pram until another family took pity on us & gave us a quick lesson.

  2. This is an excellent post. My family is taking a trip to Disney (it's their first time!), and I have been looking for traveling tips. I just got our luggage sets, so I am trying to figure out what I need to bring and how to logistically fit it all in. Thankfully, my hips are a bit older, and I don't have to worry about formula. Thanks for the tips!


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