Monday, February 7, 2011

Hip London finds...

Anyone visiting London with their little hips cannot leave without a visit to the London Transport Museum. We visited last time we were there, and even though my little hips were a little bit young, my 7 year old brother (long story..don't ask!), was in love with the place, especially as he is an avid transport fan. The museum is in the ideal location - Covent Garden - so those who may just want to take part in some retail therapy (me) can do so, whilst those keen on transport can head on over to have a good look at those big red double decker buses, and the like.

Naturally ideal for transport enthusiasts, and those who want to see the famous black cabs and red buses up close and personal, the London Transport Museum is often overlooked. Don't! Even if you just meet your up with your little family afterwards (hiding your shopping bags), and head to the very child friendly but also rather swanky Upper Deck Cafe, its worth it.

The museum shop is also well worth a visit. Have a look at these gorgeous finds!

Images: London Transport Museum

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