Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love a hip product with multiple uses...

I have to say, the following product is one of my most favourite of all times. Not only is it fabulous for travelling, its also so great for day to day use at home, for both babies and toddlers alike.

The Flexi Bath is a fold away and very flexible baby / toddler bath. It comes in a range of very hip and funky colours, is PVC and phthalates free, has a non slip bottom, and a funky little plug. All these factors making it very child and environmentally friendly, and hence one of my most recommended products.

I have to admit, when first seeing The Flexi Bath, I did wonder how Mr 3 year old and Miss 1 year old would both fit in it. I road tested it on a particular hot Melbourne summers day by filling the bath with water, plus a few toys and popping it in the back garden. Both my little hips loved it, and had a cracking time. Yes, it was a little tight fitting with both in, but realistically, that would rarely happen. Its a brilliant product for both new born and toddlers alike resulting in an awful lot of use over a number of years, so really worth the purchase.

The beauty of it is, when not in use, it can be folded up securely, and placed flat under a bed, or tucked away somewhere. Naturally, it is a fabulous option when you are travelling with the little hips, especially in accommodation where there is not a bath, and absolutely essential when camping or in a caravan.

And when the little hips have grown up and flown the nest, pour some ice into it, pop some beers in, and enjoy your very large ice bucket on a hot day! Some more sensible options are perhaps using it as a toy box or laundry basket. Love, love, love hip products with multiple functions....

Thanks to The Product Store for sending us the fabulous Flexi Bath.

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