Monday, July 4, 2011

A perfect day to dream about hip cuisine....

Am loving whats out there on the net at the mo, and there's some very clever mummy's doing very smart things. A recent find that ties in quite nicely with The Little Hip Traveller, is the Footscray Food Blog. This savvy little blog is about finding the gems of Footscray and surrounds, both new and old, and introducing our little 'hips' to the wonders of various international cuisines and recipes.

The Little Hip Traveller is also a big advocate of introducing the young to wonderful new tastes and smells - check out our recent international food memory in the latest Tiny & Little magazine which this time all about food!

Of course, whilst on the subject of food, and little people, I also cannot fail to mention our friends at Little Eats - a website provide Melbourne families with reviews on the latest 'hip' friendly cafes.

Footscray, a suburb in the inner West of Melbourne, is going through a transition phase, much like the rest of the West - becoming very family friendly, and rather an exciting place to live, merging old Asian and African delights into what is modern Australia (trust me - its part of my 'hood).

Head over to Footscray Food Blog for some excellent recommendations and yummy foodie images.

On another note, its nice to be back. I have been missing in action of late, busily growing baby number 3 amongst other very important things! Bare with me - things take a little bit longer (brain not ticking too fast), but I am back...oh and heading off to Malaysia very soon to test and review some new products and places when travelling with the 'hips'!

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