Monday, August 8, 2011

A brand & super exciting new hip product....

There's so much to come from our fabulous findings from the recent Life / Kids in Style tradeshow in Melbourne, but I couldn't wait to tell you all about this one...

Its a world first, and had been created once again by the uber clever ladies at

Due to be released in early 2012, this is one that all new mums will fight each other for. A perfect travel and on the go product, this hip baby bottle is so unique, as it comes with its own refillable dispenser for formula attached to the bottom of the bottle. Simple push a wee button, and the formula drops into the bottle, making it ready for your little bubba! Love it. Refill the dispenser, and use again and again, or remove the dispenser, and use it as a regular bottle all the time.

There are different sized teats available, plus different teat brands can be used with it. Oh, and did I say, it looks, like all those other products, really really hip!

Can't wait to try it out on my new little hip in early 2012!

Thanks ladies - you've done it again....

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