Thursday, August 25, 2011


Its Daffodil day...its all about supporting cancer research, and its all about yellow (and oh, how we love yellow). Support it by buying a beautiful bunch of daffs, and wearing vibrant yellow. And perhaps do the following:

Why not get your little hips out and about and on the go on their brilliant yellow Mini Micro. We love ours - have a read of our Mini Micro review.

 And yes, well, its not raining today, but yellow Bergstein Gumboots are just what the doctor ordered. Get yours from our friends at Fawn and Fox.

Alternatively, get yourself down to your local cafe and celebrate all things yellow by buying yourself a Lemon Slice. And being 'with child' at the moment, there is absolutely no way I can refuse any thing lemon flavoured, and a lemon slice just hits the spot. My personal favourite one of my local cafes, Gourmet on Gamon - the best lemon slice in the West of Melbourne (methinks). Have a read of our friends at Little Eats review of this bubba friendly cafe (and many more of course).

Make sure you enjoy all things yellow today and support cancer research.

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