Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cheese, sticks, 'tanas and coffee on the go

Oh, hi, just quickly. I just wanted to post about my new find (you've probably been onto these for a while and I am probably v behind)...oh well, here it is anyway. Brilliant for travelling and on the go with the hips. It even satisfied left hip today, who has been particulary fussy (well, he is a bit ill at the mo poor love). So I love cheese (well, its not my fault, I am half Swiss so its in my blood), and I want my kids to like it too, so I am loving Bega Junior Cheese Stick, and Bega Shaper Puzzles. Left hip loves putting the puzzles together, and right hip just loves the how easy the cheese stick is to munch on. Love, love, love it and the hips do too. Try it...

Whilst we are on the subjects of snacks, the next best thing to always have in my bag when out and about (apart from sultanas - huge problem if I forget them), is a rather healthy-ish option that my left hip refers to as 'sticks'. Sticks are Roast Potato & rice snacks by Healtheries KidsCare. They look like long french fries but are so much better for you, and have no artificial flavours and colours. Great.

Now back to those 'tanas' - which are sultanas to you and me. My personal fave as I know how good they are, are Whole Kids Organic Sultanas. I love them because; a) they are organic, low fat, no preservatives, colours, flavours, and are totally good for us all, and b) they are Aussie made, and c) my little hips just adore them. My only problem is right hip has a meltdown when she finishes the pack...argh! You just can't win!

And finally, what about us mums and dads? Yes, all these snacks are great, but what I really need is a good coffee, and I don't go anywhere without my Keep Cup. Whenever I get my takeaway skinny latte, I hand over my Keep Cup, and they make my coffee for me in my very own cup. Yes, not only is it my cup, but I am no longer using a disposable cup, and "reuse is the most significant environmental impact we can make". Plus, its very hip looking, you can choose what size, and colour each part of the cup is (ie red lid, white cup, blue seal etc), it fits in my car cup holder, pram cup holder, and its very practical, as I take my soup in it when I go to work and then just pop it in the microwave! A Keep cup is an absolute must, and you can feel really proud using it.

So, thats all for now. As the snow still falls around us in the high country...yes, we are still on the subject of snow, please tune back in as we have our last fab snow review and some great advice on where to go.

All this talk of snacks has made me feel a bit peckish...

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