Thursday, August 19, 2010

the chicken, the egg, and the fox

Today, left hip, right hip and I decided to rug ourselves up once again, and head out for a good old walk down to the local cafe for a lovely babycino (oh and a dotty cookie of course). Nothing too unusual about that at all, in fact we do it quite often, and its lovely just to get out and about and explore, even though it is a rather wild and windy day today. But on our way home we walked past a house with a brand new sparkling chicken shed in the front garden and 3 lovely fat chickens parading around much to the absolute delight of my two delighted hips. Now we live fairly inner cityish, so for us, this is a real novelty especially on a walk down to get a coffee fix (my coffee fix!) Even better, left hip was invited to go and meet popcorn, KF, and wings, and he was so happy dancing around with the 3 chooks, and harrassing them ever so slightly with the plastic ‘fox’ that now has to go everywhere with him (yes, we are finally over sharks, and have now moved onto foxes!) got me thinking. Should we get a pet, and what should we get? Chickens, a cat, a dog, a hubby wants a stick insect but I am not keen on encouraging insects into my house. Any suggestions?

What I absolutely know for sure is a visit to Collingwood childrens farm is most definitely on the cards very soon. Where better to take the hips for some good fresh air, and a chance to milk the cows, and pat the horses, and have a great coffee fix at the farm cafe? More on that to come soon.

When we finally got home (its amazing how a short walk can really take so long with the hips in tow), it seemed only fitting to make one of my childhood favourites. Coming from the UK, it was known to me as eggy bread. I’m not certain its the same as french toast (in fact would say its not, but some would argue this), but to me its just good old eggy bread. Yum!

Give it a whirl - its fab:

You'll need:

4 slices of bread


Salt and pepper

3 eggs

2 tablespoons of milk

Whisk together the eggs, milk, salt and pepper

Cut the bread into quarters

Soak bread into the egg mixture and coat well

Heat a bit of butter in a frying pan, and fry the soaked bread until golden brown, turning over once

Add any excess egg mixture whilst frying

And eat.

I urge you to do this for your little hips now - they'll love it!

Don't we just love those chickens - what a fun day we've had. Roast chicken tonight anyone??? (sob, sob)

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