Tuesday, August 24, 2010

have baby, will ski...but what do I need to pack?

Right, so you're off to the snow, and yes, we all know it feels like you need to take half the house when travelling with the hips, but, is that really necessary? We have compiled a list of things that you NEED to take to the snow, (and a bit you probably don't really need) so follow this handy guide, ticking off as you go, and you'll soon find that there will be a bit more room in that luggage than you thought (well, a tiny bit anyway.)

Things you really need:

Holiday & car hire itinerary / details
Travel/health insurance details
Passports if necessary
Drivers licence
Phone / camera & chargers
Money and credit cards
Passport photos for lift passes

Things to borrow / buy:

Good ski jacket / ski suit
Mittens are really good for kids
Googles / wrap around sun glasses
Thermal underwear
Warm socks
Warm hats
Good snow boots
Fleeces (its all about layers)
Small day bag
Water bottles

To hire:

Ski / snowboarding equipment

Things you always need anyway:

First Aid kit
Alarm clock
High factor sun cream / lip balm
All those bits for little kiddies; change mat, nappies, wipes, dummys, baby food, formula, bottles, nappy bag, bibs, fave comfort toy, baby monitor. Pram with big wheels for use on snow.
Casual day time clothes
Shoes with good grip

Things that are just handy for all:

Snacks and drinks
DVD player and CD's / ipod for car
Toys and games
Magazines and books for you
G & T for you!

Yes, we could go on and on, and I reckon everyone has a few more bits that they would recommend, so why not leave a coment and let us know...

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