Thursday, September 23, 2010

travelling alone with the hips...please help?

Last month, a mum, travelling alone with her 2 young hips, had the fright of her life, when her 3 year old 'hip' fell onto the tarmac whilst climbing the stairs onto the plane. Mum, was behind carrying all the luggage, and the 18 month old hip. Miss 3 Yr old hip had climbed up the stairs by herself, and when she got to the top, turned around to look at her mum, lost her balance, and then proceeded to fall through the small gap between the stairs and the plane. She was airlifted to hospital but was later released unhurt! What a would you feel?

It all happened on budget airline RyanAir, however they were very quick to advise soon after that they had toughened up their safety procedures. Surely though, its not entirely the fault of the airline, but also, the operators of the airport equipment. And perhaps us as 'responsible' parents?

But the real question is, if an airline sees a passenger struggling with a couple of 'hips' and the large amount of hand luggage that you inevitably need to carry when travelling with kids, should they not make it a policy to actually assist? Yes, parents should do all possible to control their kids, but really...sometimes its just not that easy, and we don't always have the luxury of travelling with an even ratio of adults to kids.

Any thoughts?

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  1. i know this is an old post, but none the less i will reply in case it helps others. I travel often with my 3 hips. From when they were 3,2 and 3 months. If i feel like i need assistance i ask and someone is always on hand to help. On the plane the staff usually ask if would like help at the other end, but if they don't i can easily ask. Then someone meets me and helps me to either my connecting flight or baggage carousel. There are dedicated staff to help passengers out who need it, so dont be afraid to ask. :-)


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