Saturday, September 4, 2010

a big hip hooray for daddy's day...

So, Father's day has come round once again (well in Australia that is). So what do we get the man of the house? I say having myself and the left and right hip is enough of a treat, but yes, I suppose a bacon and egg sanga and a little lie-in in the morning would be nice too. But if you want / need to rush out and get something, here a few last minute tips (or perhaps get in early for next year!)

So the man in our house is going to be spoilt. Myself and the two hips have decided to spoil him and get him one of those trailers to put on the back of the bike, so we can go for a good bike ride together as a family. Yes, there's nothing better than getting those hips and out and about into the good old fresh air. The great thing about it too is the added bonus that hubby can take the hips out for a ride, and I can stay at home for once! Hoorah! Everyone's a winner.
Next up, how about getting dad a fabulous bag that he can use in his day to day life, but also fill with nappies, wipes etc when they are taking the hips out (because men seem to think they don't require a bag!) If hubby has a bag he likes, then of course he'll use it! You cannot go past a good old Crumpler. Very cool, very hip and best of all, Made in Melbourne.

And whilst we are on the subject of bags, and being out and about with the hips, how about a very groovy nappy box. The B.Box is a fantastic plastic nappy wallet, that fits brilliantly into a little bag (and I swear by it, and will be doing a review on the B.Box very soon). It accommodates wipes, nappies and a change mat, and comes in very funky colours so dad will be able to have his very own male friendly coloured B.Box!

Or how about getting Dad his very own Keep Cup. Yes, we have mentioned them before (first barista standard reusable cup), however, the great thing is they come in so many colours and different sizes, you can get Dad his very own Keep cup in his fave colours for when he is out and about with the hips.

And if all that is not enough, how about sending Dad off on his own special night out with the boys...but with a difference. Beer and Bubs is a session down at the pub, however, the men meet up with other men and chat about becoming a dad, supporting their partners, and assisting at the birth etc. What a brilliant initiative (and a fabulous way to give the man of the house a free pass to head down to the pub!)

And if all else fails - well, just give him socks once again!

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