Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The best in the West?

This is not usually my domain...cafe reviews are something I leave to those who specialise in this area, however, as this is my brand new local cafe, I had to share with you all. You see, a place like this is definitely one to share. And a place where I can take my little hips and feel totally relaxed, is sure to be a winner with you all too.

The brand spanking new Leroy's Cafe in Newport, (inner West Melbourne) has been a long time coming. There is no where else crying out for some more hip & funky child friendly cafes than Newport. Until now, so many mumma's and bubba's have been trawling the streets of Newport looking for somewhere to rest their weary feet, and now we finally have it. Hoorah!

When you walk in you think this is an normal (but hang, on, rather fabulous) new cafe with a rather nice alfresco dining area on the side, however head towards the back, and there you'll find a kids paradise. Adequate room for 3 large bench tables and chairs, little people's tables and chairs, synthetic grass, a large sandpit, slide, hopscotch, a wee racing track, and some veggie patches with veggies and herbs galore growing in abundance. Of course there is a bubba's change room too. In fact, Leroy's owners, two local mums with very little children themselves, have thought of everything. A brilliant grown up section in the front, and a fabulous child friendly hideaway in the back. We love Leroy's!

I think the one major hurdle for these two mumpreneurs will be getting the rest of us mums to move on! But hey, I am happy to sit back and order a coffee or two, plus be tempted by their super dooper menu. Little Miss right hip had a babycino and some very yummy fruit toast, whereas I indulged in not one, but two coffees. Just what this little hip mumma needed.

Thanks Leroy's. We asked for our very own child friendly cafe, and we got it, and some! We shall most certainly be back. Most probably tomorrow?


  1. Yay!! We have been talking about needing a place like this for the past 2 years!! Am going to check it out tomorrow! Paradise!!

  2. Had coffee there today, very nice. Perfect location. Look forward to taking the kids... cafes are usually such a nightmare with under 5's.

  3. Looks FAB - someone emailed me about this cafe last week - will def try now!


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