Thursday, March 17, 2011

what a hip & versatile friday find....

Wow, those Kiwi's - they certainly are a clever bunch (good job I'm married to one really!)

But I suppose its really those New Zealand Merino sheep, that live in happy abundance on the land of the long white cloud, that are the clever ones. They're the ones that create the fabulous Merino wool in order to dress us in the finest attire.
My lucky little hips were sent some fabulous Mokopuna merino wool garments to test out from our lovely friends at Phil & Teds. And wow, how they love them (and so do I). I have been a big fan of merino wool for a while, but have only ever used it in the sleeping bag form for bedtime (which by the way, I swear by).

I am not sure why I was hesitant about using merino as everyday wear - I mean Mokupuna is machine washable, 100% natural and 100% New Zealand, soft and safe against young one's skin, and best of all, its breathable, and warm when in the winter, and cool in the summer. Absolutely perfect for Melbourne weather, which as we all know is four seasons in one day! Plus, a big plus from my little ones who both suffer a bit of mild eczema (and perhaps a common myth), it doesn't itch against the skin!

Everytime my little hips have worn their Mokupuna clothes, we've had compliments galore. I am a huge fan of bright classic attire, and as I have a boy and a girl, the colours seem to compliment them both. This winters colour palette sound delicious; mist - a grey marl, vibrant leaf, ember stripe (ruby, mist and lily) and, get this one...warming cocoa. There is also a beautiful pleat neck pinafore in a thicker warmer weight for the little madams. Lovely! Most garments go up to a size 4.

Thank you so much Mokupuna and of course Phil & Teds for introducing us. I am a huge fan of many NZ products and both your products are without a doubt at the top of the list x

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