Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does anyone need some more sleep?

Now here's two very hip and well loved products that are totally worthy of a mention, and most definitely worth packing in your suitcase, or just for use around the home.

When your holiday accommodation is just that teeny weeny bit light and bright, and little bubba can't sleep, then just pop (literally, pop) the Gro Anywhere blackout blind over the window and hey now have a darkened room! Love it. Little bubba heads back off into the land of nod.

 And for my second little sleep remedy...the Gro Clock. Perfect for those little hip travellers who may have a tendency to wake up when its still night time, or perhaps are merely suffering jet lag after an overseas adventure. Simply set the clock to the time you want them to actually get out of bed, and then teach the little hips that when the stars are still twinkling, its still night time, but when the bright yellow sun is shining, its time to get up! 

Everyone's a winner!

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