Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sending need to even pick up a pen!

When I am on holiday, I am one of those people who either write postcards and then forget to send them (and kind of sneak them off from home a month later), or just don't even bother at all...naughty really.

So when I heard about these iphone/ipad apps where you can actually convert a holiday snap that you have taken into a postcard and then get it delivered by either email or snail mail, I am in awe!

Or how about you've just had a new bubba. You could send out new baby announcements from the comfort of your hospital bed (mmmm, because you'll have nothing else to do at all!)

So here are a couple that I like;

Postcard express lets you make a postcard out of your digital photos. You add a message, and then they are sent via email so they can be viewed on smartphones, MACs or PCs. Then they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. Perfect.

Or if you are after the snail mail option (we all love getting anything other than bills!), then another option is Simply Postcards where the digital photos and message are created into postcards and sent on your behalf to where ever you want!

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