Saturday, November 27, 2010

hip 'branding'...

On the odd occasion, when out and about, my little ones find it absolutely hilarious to 'escape', and basically 'do a runner'. Its all very well when you are in the park, or there are a few adults, or you are somewhere relatively safe, but when they really do run off, and you just can't see them, its all so horribly frightening.

Whether its at the beach, a busy airport, or even just shopping amongst the hoards of christmas shoppers, those little escapees can work their magic, and even if its just a few moments, your heart feels like its stopped and you begin to really panic. We all know that little ones can get distracted so easily, and they like to explore!

Here's where Tat your Tots comes into play. A mum of 3 'escapees' came up with a great and fun way to making sure her kids were easily identified. The temporary tattoos placed onto the child's hand, and has all relevant details such as parents phone number, so the parents can be easily located should the child wander off. There are also ones with medical conditions, or 'I am allergic to nuts' etc, which are perfect for when your child is at a birthday party or similar.

Tat your Tots is a great way of ensuring piece of mind when travelling or out and about with your little 'hips'. You must check out the website as there are many other options to suit all needs.

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