Sunday, November 21, 2010

that little hip 'camping' packing list...

Do you really need to pack the kitchen sink when heading off on a holiday with kids? Not at all, but you know, when you are off camping, it feels like you should pack that sink just in case....after all, you'll need some sort of running water, or at least a boiling saucepan. Look, its not "Survivor" so you don't need to panic, so don't be afraid to load up your car, but remember, you can make do without some luxuries too....its actually rather fun not to have to blow dry your hair from time to time etc.

Well, here's a list that should help you decide what you should take on a camping trip with kids. (Kitchen sink is certainly not included):

To sleep:
Tent , groundsheet, pegs, poles, mallet (yes, all rather important).
Sleeping bags and liners
Sleeping mats (blow up ones are good) and pump if necessary
Pillows, blankets, duvets to keep kids comfortable as possible
If room and you think necessary, a portacot (which can also double up as a playpen during the day)
Torch/lamp and batteries
Check out the following outdoor stores for some excellent ideas: Kathmandu, Anaconda, Millets,
Snowgum, Snow and Rock.

To eat:
Camping stove and gas bottle (unless you are going open fire?)
Waterproof matches
Can and bottle opener
A few pots and pans
A few cooking utensils - BBQ tongs, cooking knife etc.
Esky (or for those Kiwis...a chilli bin!)
Paper towels, foil, containers for storage, rubbish bags
Plates, mugs, bowls and cutlery
Tables and chairs or something to sit on / blanket
A thermos flask
Dishwashing liquid and tea towels
Food and drink

To wear:
Warm and cold weather clothes. It does get cold at night...pack a fleece.
Flip flops (thongs/s) and Wellies (gumboots)..We love these Bergstein Gumboots from Little Elk. We love Little Elk!
Beach towels, and swim wear.

Extras for you and the 'hips':
Swiss Army knife
Washing line
First Aid Kit
Bucket and spade
Board games, books
Camping shower or we love the super fold up Flexi Bath and we have a review coming up very soon.
Toilet Roll
Insect repellent
Wet wipes
Potty (especially for night time) - we love My Carry Potty. We have a review AND fab giveaway coming up very this space.
Sun Screen and hats
All those extra bits and bobs required for travelling with young children if necessary (nappies, stroller, wipes etc)

So, thats all I would pack....(perhaps a bit less, as I love to try to travel light and I know that my hubby and 'hips' will keep on adding to the list!). What about you? Any suggestions or must have extras?

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