Sunday, November 14, 2010

a hip trip to Fairy Floss market...

On Sunday, my little right hip and I went to the Fairy Floss Markets in Williamstown for some retail therapy and an attempt to buy some christmas presents. It was a lovely morning, but I have to be honest...we didn't buy any christmas pressies for anyone else, but us! Naughty. We had a lovely time talking to all the fabulous stall holders and of course, ate a few naughty but very nice goodies from the Windsor Deli - wow, best peanut butter cup cakes around (not to mention the fabulous lemon slice at the Deli itself!!!)

We got chatting to Tiny & little - little right hip had been fortunate enough to win a fabulous bunny from them some time ago, so it was great to put a face to a name. Check out this new little bunny looking for a new home...we love it.

Other stand outs for us were the fabulous and very hip t-shirts from Melbourne made, Gavin and Archie, and also the very cool clothes from Who Wears The Pants, another Melbourne business.

But the creme de la creme for us was to finally get to pick out our very own Miss RubyMay dolly for lucky little right hips' christmas present. Fortunately little right hip was consuming a rather large vanilla cupcake (thanks Windsor Deli) so didn't notice the selection process that was going on, so Miss RubyMay will make it under the tree for christmas (and not in said sticky cup cake hands before christmas!) We finally chose a fabulous red head with an orange flowery dress.

Thanks to Fairy Floss Markets for another joyful morning out and about with my little right hip.

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