Monday, November 29, 2010

Some hip travel tips from 'My Carry Potty'

To follow on from the 'potty training on the go' theme, I have delved a little bit deeper and spoken to the creators behind the wonderful My Carry Potty, for some more tips and tricks on travelling with kids. This time, Darren Jenner, husband and partner in crime of Amanda Jenner, the creator of My Carry Potty, has answered a few questions on his take on travelling with kids.

Before I hand over to Darren, I have to say that since posting the My Carry Potty review, there have been a number of tweets and suggestions for potty training tips. I have contacted both Darren and Amanda, and hope to have some handy tips on potty training, in particular, potty training on the go, so watch this space....

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So Darren, tell us a bit about you and your family?

We are a family of 5 that generally get away as a family just once or twice a year due to running two businesses. I'm Darren 40, Amanda 36 my wife, George 13, Hollie 11 & Olivia 3 1/2. The kids all love getting away & are happy spending most of the day in the pool. We have had a mixture of holidays. Some in villa's & some in hotels. I have to admit the villa ones are a lot easier. If it gets too hot for the little one she can just go inside the villa & play. Both Amanda & I like cooking so we enjoy staying at the villa some evenings for bbq's & wine. We like eating out as well but its nice to have the choice. 
And where have you been of late with your little ‘hips’?

Our last trip was to Malta (Amanda is half Maltese) which was great. The people are very hospitable, the food's great & the weather is always good (if not a little too hot at times)
How did you get there?

We actually flew with Ryan Air, a budget airline. We left it late too book, so we chose this airline. It was a 4 hour flight & although it's basic & they charge you even for water, for the price we paid it was a bargain (I think it was about £500 return for all of us)
Where did you stay? 

We stayed at the Corinthian St George which is about a 10 minute walk from St Julians. It was ok but we stayed at the Hilton St Julians the previous year & it was a better class of hotel & service.
Your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is always getting packed & prepared for the trip! And tidying up when we return. Enjoying the holiday itself is never a problem
Any big recommendations?

Amanda has a fair bit of family there so I've still a lot to discover about Malta. The capital, Valetta is steeped in history. Its a small city but very interesting. There's a lot of Arabic influences in both thier language & their architecture. 
What are your main tips for travelling with kids?

Well I would give them all a pep talk before we leave home about being nice to each other, remembering manners, all the usual stuff for starters. We're both pretty strict so there's no electronic games allowed at mealtimes. I think this is the best time to communicate as a family & important for them to appreciate they're new surroundings & different cultures. Thats not possible if they're engrossed in PSP's! I see so many parents letting the kids sit & play these in restaurants to keep them quiet. Its such a shame.
What would you not have left home without?

My Carry Potty, naturally! I know Amanda is the inventor, but really it is a fantastic tool for being out of the home with a little one. Car, plane, coach, shops. Its wonderful. I can't believe its 2010 & we can fly to & from the moon yet my wife is the first person to invent the worlds first & only leakproof potty!

There's not much else we need. Having 3 kids to cater for leaves us with a desire to travel lightly. We don't really want for much when we go on holiday. Suncream, sunglasses, currency, a camera & a collection of kids with smiles!


Thats all - thanks so much Darren and Amanda Jenner from My Carry Potty. We hope to chat again with them soon, and share some helpful potty training tips. And once again, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a free My Carry Potty.

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