Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Need some new accessories?

Now, we've mentioned these a few times before, but my little 'hips' love our Mini Micro Scooter. We scoot here, we scoot there, we scoot everywhere. Even little Miss 21 month old jumps on it and takes it for a spin (in her own way...they are meant to be for 3 plus of course!) 

What I love even more are the accessories and fabulous colours that are now on offer through Mini Micro. A fabulous way to create ownership and personalise those scooters. Limited edition scooters are currently available in the UK in yellow, green and red. Could we maybe have some of those fancy colours in Australia too please Mini Micro?

We could even jazz up our boring old blue scooter with a fancy bag, a bottle holder, or even some very hip looking ribbons? But best of all (well for us safety conscious mums and dads) are the very funky lights to clip on the front, and make us feel slightly more comfortable about our little 'hips' when they are out and about at dusk (wearing helmets of course). 

Thanks Mini Micro - we are loving your very hip accessories. We just need them all here...please?

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