Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love these hip travel goodies...

Fred. We just love, love & did I say love Fred. For those who are not yet acquainted with Fred, you must get yourself onto the World Wide Fred. I first fell in love with all the hip Fred bits and bobs when I first saw the Babushka measuring cups and bought them for all my friends and family for birthdays from then on. Now, there are some fabulous travel related bits and bobs which are great for getting your 'hips' in the travel mood.

'Airplane food' are a collection of "suppersonic fold and fly placemats". Each one has a retro designed flight path, and can be folded up and flown around for great on board entertainment.

And for some in-flight snacks, how about using 'airfork one'. Just the thing to keep the little 'hips' entertained on board and at home too!

Love anything a bit left of centre, and Fred surely is that...look for yourself.

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  1. I love the plane placemats, Dominic has a pack and has had great fun with them.


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