Sunday, October 17, 2010

The little hip 'trunki'

So, everyone is talking about them, especially now that Penelope the Princess, and Freddie the Fire engine are about to be released. Both left and right hip are in love and desperately want one for our next hip travelling adventure, so perhaps Penelope and Freddie may end up under our Christmas tree this year?


Well, for those not in the know, who or what are we talking about? Let me introduce you to the 'Trunki' - "the world's first ride on suitcase for globe-trotting tots". No more tears whilst rushing through airports as little ones can just pop onto their Trunki, whilst you whizz through to the boarding gate. Very lightweight, but also very sturdy, the Trunki is an excellent piece of hand luggage, suitable for the bits and bobs required by the 'hips' on your journey. It has a strap at the front for you to pull along behind you, or a carry handle if you need to do a quick dash.

Amy, recently travelled to USA with her hubby and young daughter, and wanted to share with us her fabulous Trunki experiences. Thanks Amy. Here we go;

"As soon as we spotted the Trunki in a local Melbourne store, I knew it would change air travel with our daughter. The sales woman carefully plucked our daughter’s lady bird Trunki from the front display and handed it down to her. Immediately there were smiles and bright eyes gleaming as this new “toy” was placed down beside her. My daughter proceeded to drag the Trunki around the whole store like it was already hers. I knew it would be a hit.

Time for our travels came and we packed the Trunki with our daughter’s travel goodies that she would need on the plane, as we were told we could use it as carry on for her. We got to the airport and sure enough, it was small enough for carry on, yet big enough to carry a blanket, nappies, wipes, PJs, books, and a whole assortment of toys to play with on our 14 hour plane ride to Los Angeles. Once through security, I set down the Trunki, much to my daughter’s glee and she immediately started dragging it around, asking to sit on it and be dragged (it has nifty little handles in the front for little kiddies to hold onto, so they are stable whilst being dragged around on it). It was endless fun for her during the 3 hour wait at the airport. I don’t know how many times I went back and forth, up and down the hallway while at our extra secure gated area, waiting to leave for the U.S. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without the Trunki to provide continuous joy to our daughter.
It provided very useful on the plane as well. A convenient little contraption to access nappies, PJs, toys, etc. at any time, as it fit easily in the overhead compartment. Each time we brought it out, my daughter’s eyes lit up and she would do a little seated happy dance. Luckily she didn’t feel the need to drag the Trunki up and down the aisles. She was content to just play with the Trunki and its contents.
The Trunki proved useful on many occasions, while visiting relatives or staying in hotel rooms, the Trunki was always there to play with and drag around. I don’t regret for one single moment buying the Trunki in the store. It was well worth the cost. Even to this day while not travelling, my daughter still finds the Trunki stored away under her cot and gets that gleam in her eye and proceeds to drag it around the house for hours. The Trunki is patiently waiting for our next big adventure in travelling and is decidedly content on being played with around the house for now..."

Wow, thanks Amy. I think we need a few of those now (mmmm, early Christmas presents?)
Alongside Penelope and Freddie, say hello to Harley, Terence, Trixie, Tipu, Bernard and a special limited addition of the Gruffalo Trunki. Trunki even got a grilling on the BBC's Dragons Den - the entrepreneurs didn't want it! Trunki, of course, got the last laugh! Have a little look at the TV coverage below.

Available in Australia through Yooneek or internationally through Trunki themselves, those multiple award winning Trunki's are just totally worth having, even if it is just for that mad dash to the departure gate, or for playing with round the house!

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