Thursday, October 28, 2010

apples, pears, trains and trams...

Its not always about the destination, infact, sometimes, its good not to have a destination in mind at all. Yes, we all know about the journey being just as important as the final destination, so, why not just jump on that train and see where it takes you? This is what hubby and I, and of course, left and right hip did last weekend.

Sunday was a cracker of a Melbourne spring day, and the sun was beckoning us to come out and play. We found ourselves on the train heading into the city, and then jumped on the tram up to the Queen Vic Markets. Why, oh why, we don't go there more often, and why, oh why, we don't use public transport more've got to remember, the little 'hips' love those day to day activities that we often take for granted, and riding on a train is just one of them. The atmosphere in the market is always just buzzing, and the little 'hips' were loving the market banter and the diverse colours all around them.

Its all about the simplest things in life, and quite often those things are free. So don't spend lots of money on expensive day trips out. A trip to the local playground, park, market, library, or even a ride on the train are all just as, and perhaps even more beneficial, as outings that cost an arm and a leg. So next time you are planning a day out, pack a sandwich, and just walk to the nearest train / bus station, and see where it takes you!

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