Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today I am partaking in Communication Shutdown for Autism.

Today I am partaking in Communication Shutdown for Autism. "Social communication is one of the biggest challenges for people with Autism". I check both my Facebook and Twitter accounts numerous times a day and have become very reliant upon them both. Can we live without this kind of communication? By taking part in a day away from both these forms of social networking, we can empathise ever so slightly about what it is like to feel disconnected socially.

This is particulary important to me as my 'left hip' aka 3 year old son, is being tested for Autism as we speak. It may be just a speech delay.....who knows? Only time will tell.

This post will feed straight through to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I have made a pledge today, and won't be able to check them. Well, not today. Perhaps tomorrow? That is a choice that I choose to make. Imagine not having that choice.

Please help, please pledge ($5 min), or just take part in today's 'Communication Shutdown for Autism'.
of frustration. By creating a little empathy, we hope to encourage a wider understanding and acceptance of people with autism - an uing we recognise those in the autism community already have.

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