Tuesday, October 5, 2010

we love this little hip donkey

My hip hubby is an engineer. He has worked in the oil industry, the automotive industry and is currently working in defence designing very large ships. Lately though, he has now decided that being an engineer in the pram industry looks really appealing. You see, I've been inundating him with all these really hip pram inventions, and I can see his brain ticking...a career change is the next step. I am totally behind him - I mean, imagine 'having' to test out all the very latest hip pram designs that are emerging on the market at the moment.

Okay, so, we've discussed the excellent Phil n Ted, and we been wowed by the ' is it a scooter / is it a buggy board /is it a pram' from Mountain Buggy. Now, lets look at the latest fabulous design from Bugaboo....the Donkey. A bizarre name, but once you see it, you'll get it. We all know donkey's carry heavy loads - well this donkey carry's your very precious bundles, plus all your extra bits and bobs, and is just very very clever.

Launching in early 2011, the Donkey is the world's first mono-duo-mono convertible stroller on the market which basically means its can go from a single to a double to a single side by side buggy with 3 clicks! So its extremely versatile for the growing family, and particularly suitable for twins, plus has lots and lots of storage, hence aptly called the Donkey.

Check it out below and on the Bugaboo website.

We just love this donkey (and hubby has scuttled off to the drawing board and to update his resume!)


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