Monday, January 3, 2011

Get comfy in the air with the hip Skycouch...

Flying long haul with little ones...everyone fidgeting, moaning about being uncomfortable, not being able to sleep, not having enough room. All this will soon be a thing of the past. Those clever clogs at Air New Zealand have come up with the SkyCouch

The Skycouch is essentially a flexible 3 seat configuration which converts into a fully flat bed, or should you wish, a combination where the two 'hips' can lie down, or stretch out and use as a play area, and the parent can sit up beside them. Should you be travelling child free, a couple can use it as a bed...ah, bliss! Even those big bulky armrests disappear into the back of the seat. Love it.

The Skycouch will be available in economy (yes, economy!), from April 2011 on the new 777-300 aircraft from London to LA, and then on all aircraft in 2012. Good one Air New Zealand. Thanks for thinking of our little hip travellers.


  1. very good where can I buy the Skycouch?

  2. Air new Zealand is the place to go for one of these, but I am sure it'll catch on...


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